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Several Protests Announced On The Anniversary Of Putin’s Invasion – Including One By Kučan’s Supporters For The Disarmament Of Ukraine!

Several rallies will be held to mark the first anniversary of Putin’s invasion. The Ukrainian Embassy is planning a rally in support of Ukraine, starting in Ljubljana’s Congress Square. Both Ukrainians and Slovenians opposed to the aggression are invited to attend. At the same time, a rally for the disarmament of Ukraine will be held in Prešeren Square. Its organisers, among other things, are trying to frighten the public with claims of a “neo-Nazi junta in Kyiv,” while at the same time, they are completely incapable of even the slightest condemnation of the invasion. We wonder whether the rally will even be registered and how security will be provided. Further questions also arise in connection with the recent spy affair…

On the first anniversary of the Russian aggression against Ukraine (on the 24th of February), various rallies will be held across Ljubljana. One is organised by the Ukrainian Embassy and the Ukrainian community in Slovenia. All Ukrainians, Slovenians and others living in Slovenia who support the victims of Vladimir Putin‘s aggression are invited to attend. The rally will start at 4 p.m. at Congress Square in Ljubljana and will last until 5.30. Participants are invited to bring Ukrainian flags, Ukrainian symbols, and banners. The march will take place in the central streets of the capital and will honour all victims of Russian aggression.

Participants are also asked to bring candles and torches. “Together, let us commemorate the Ukrainian heroes who gave their lives in defence of Ukrainian soil and all the victims of this terrible war, express our gratitude to our Slovenian friends for the support we have felt since the first day of the invasion, and show our determination, unity and steadfastness,” the Ukrainian Embassy added in its Facebook post. Despite all the horrors that Ukrainians have experienced over the past year, this is also a year of “hope, faith and fight.” The Ukrainian resistance continues to write the history of the whole world.

Supporters of Ukraine’s disarmament will also protest

“That is why we must show our determination, steadfastness, and will to win to our sincere friends and enemies alike! We are waiting for you, your families and friends! See you on Friday.” At the same time, a Russophile “Protest against sending arms to Ukraine” will take place in Prešeren Square. It could be said that those who identify with what was written in Kučan’s recent public letter, which seeks peace by stopping the arming of Ukraine, will be there.

In the explanatory statement, the organisers serve up a condemnation of Western war profiteers, and point their finger, predictably, at the fabled “neo-Nazi junta in Kyiv.” There is also some talk about the need for peace and nostalgia for the lost good old days when there was still “chemistry” between Slovenians and Russians. Not a word was said, however, about the terrible war crimes and the misery inflicted by Putin and his comrades. The matter sounds as if, after one year after the beginning of World War II, they were opposed to sending arms to the Poles who were being invaded …

It is about the same as daydreaming of peace between Poland and Germany (at the cost of your own intervention) and talking about the lost old days of coexistence between Central European nations. And not mentioning anything about Hitler’s camps, the massacres, the bombings, etc. At best, the record can be seen as nice but infantile thinking. Russia is an occupier who is committing genocide against the Ukrainian people! Any ‘rotten’ ceasefire would be used by the Russian side to rebuild its military capacity. This is confirmed, among other things, by the breaking of the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, when Russia undertook to respect the inviolability and territorial integrity of its western neighbour. Moreover, there is the question of whether the rally has even been registered and whether security will be provided. We also wonder what the rally means in light of the recent espionage affair …

We asked the police about the protection at the rally, and this was their response: “The police will carry out activities ex officio and in accordance with their powers, which will be adjusted by the police officers in light of what will be happening on the ground, so that the safety of the people is ensured to the maximum extent possible. In the event of perceived violations or criminal acts, they will act in accordance with relevant legislation. For any other clarifications regarding the organisation of the rally, please contact the organiser.”

Domen Mezeg

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