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SDS Party MPs Helped A Family Build A Bridge Over The Meža River

We are now in the third month after the catastrophic floods that swept across two-thirds of Slovenia on the 4th of August. No one was spared, and there is still a large number of people who are still homeless and have not yet received answers to their questions from the government that promised to help them immediately. Fortunately, not everyone is like the Golob government – there are also people of action, and they actually came to the rescue immediately. In this particular case, we are talking about the parliamentary group of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS), whose MPs helped with their own hands to build a bridge over the Meža River for the Kamnik family.

The Upper Savinja Valley is the region that – along with Gorenjska and Koroška – was the most affected by the recent floods. It is made up of seven municipalities: Mozirje, Nazarje, Rečica ob Savinji, Gornji Grad, Ljubno, Luče and Solčava. It has just over 15,000 inhabitants. This time, the SDS party members helped build a bridge for the Kamnik family, who were cut off from another part of their farm by the August floods.

“Today, the Charity Construction Section of the parliamentary group of the Slovenian Democratic Party successfully completed the project to build a bridge over the Meža River for the Kamnik family. The August storm cut their farm in two. Today, it is whole again. We will continue to help for as long as it takes. #BuildingSlovenia,” the party announced on the social platform X.

Even though the weathermen predicted rain again on Wednesday and in the next few days, this did not stop the SDS party from helping. MP Branko Grims wrote on X: “Today we are building a new bridge in Podpeč near Črna na Koroškem. And the rain is falling down on us again… But we are working! I wish you all the best on the day of sovereignty!”

The flood recovery continues. Although firefighters, civil protection officers, soldiers and many volunteers have managed to rehabilitate the most damaged parts after the floods, the recovery will take a long time and every kind of help is even more needed. It should be noted that the wet autumn, which has already begun, is on the horizon, and the risk of renewed flooding cannot be ruled out. Yet, the SDS party’s hard work is indeed proving that where there is a will, there is a way. After the bridge was completed, the volunteers spent a few words with the locals, celebrated and even danced.

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