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Pupils At A Primary School In Maribor “Copied” The Plan Of The Teenager Who Carried Out A Massacre In Serbia

According to the daily Večer, a sketch similar to the one seen in Belgrade was sent a few days ago to a primary school in the municipality of Maribor.

The head of the primary school informed the parents of the pupils that the school had received a sketch of the school with some information reminiscent of what happened a few days ago in Belgrade.

A frivolous act?

The head teacher claims that the pupils confirmed that it was a frivolous and reckless act, but the school has nevertheless reacted and taken the matter very seriously, and in the future, will pay special attention to the issue in the classrooms and will also have discussions with the children.

The Maribor Police Directorate confirmed to the media outlet that they had received a report concerning behaviour by minors that could be considered threatening. “We are still collecting information in this regard. In the interest of the protection of minors, we cannot provide any further information.”

Police: reporting on the incident gives young people ideas about repeating or committing such acts

“Police officers are responding to every report and piece of information we receive these days with the utmost seriousness. When a threat is reported, we first and foremost take all necessary measures to establish the origin and seriousness of the threats, with the emphasis on verifying every piece of information received, but at the same time, not every piece of information we receive, especially when it relates to the reckless actions of children, who these days are also under the impression of tragic events, necessarily constitutes a serious threat in their environment,” the Maribor Police Department said.

“It is important for everyone to be aware that the high response in reporting and the impact of the event offers ideas to young people to repeat or commit such acts themselves. Young people who do not feel accepted, who feel that they have no influence on other people, who are victims of non-acceptance, bullying or peer violence, get a lot of attention and a sense of influence on other people and society in general by committing such an act,” they added.

The parents are worried

Some parents expressed concern and disagreed with the head teacher’s statement that this was just a frivolous and reckless act. They warn that such things should be taken seriously, especially after the massacre in Belgrade, as there could be “copycats” who would like to reap some of the attention that the Serbian youngster is now receiving.

Andrej Žitnik

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