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Psychopathic Hatred and Obsession With Janša Know No Bounds

“It seems that the obsession with Janez Janša knows no bounds and it has obviously become psychopathic by now,” the Demokracija editor-in-chief Jože Biščak commented on the photo of a poster located next to the Vrhnika-Ljubljana highway, with the words “Janez Janša is shit” and a Nazi swastika on it. 

The editorial board of Nova24TV agrees with the opinion of our journalistic colleague Jože Biščak – a certain part of the population, with its one-sided view of the world, cannot accept the basic democratic principles and face the fact that sometimes, the government is also formed by non-communists.

However, these people with the pathological disorder feel that they also need to share their disagreement with the world, in the form of hostile graffiti inscriptions and by comparing the current government to the Nazis or fascists, which were always the regular “nicknames” used by the Communists to mark their political opponents.

A fight to the death
This psychopathic “tendency” could be stopped by a few convictions by our courts –  if they amounted to anything, but it appears that the judges are latently enjoying all of the public threats and are pushing the idea of freedom of speech beyond any bounds of admissibility. With this, it will be interesting to see where the leftists stop. Practice shows that in their fight for power, they are willing to literally fight to the death.

Peter Truden

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