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Prime Minister’s Mistress Promoted A Now-Vanished Cryptocurrency, In Which Hundreds Were Misled

It seems that Tina Gaber, the mistress of President Robert Golob, has promoted a pyramid scheme in the past, in which hundreds of people were misled. On her YouTube channel, she still presents herself as the promoter of the disappeared Slovenian cryptocurrency Xaurum, about which investors are now discovering that it was actually a so-called “exit scam,” which means that the founders invited the public to invest, then took the money and simply wiped out any traces of the project, journalist Mirko Mayer revealed recently. In her promotion of the said cryptocurrency, she also revealed what kind of engagement she wants: “Lots of cameras on all sides, a photographer, and one big piece of gold” – no wonder Robert Golob can’t survive on his current salary of the Prime Minister.

Journalist Mayer also revealed that the head of global sales of the cryptocurrency Xaurum was Klemen Nicoletti, known to the public from the story of the Covid-19 rapid tests company Majbert Pharm. Some time ago, and this information has been confirmed by several independent sources, Nicoletti was asked by one of the investigative commissions in the National Assembly who had introduced him to Rok Snežič, and he replied that it was Tina Gaber.

Was the Prime Minister’s companion the promoter of a Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi scheme, like other pyramid schemes, works by offering huge profits. The promoter of such a scheme works directly with the clients and offers fantastic investments based on mysterious business ventures, insider information and vague explanations about the investments. Like any scam, this one is based on psychology. The organiser of the scheme must first build a personal and trusting relationship with his or her clients. It is important that the customer believes and trusts the organiser. This is where promoters come in, as Tina Gaber apparently did for the cryptocurrency in question.

This is how she imagines her engagement

She also promoted Xaurum on her Facebook page, where she also described how she imagines her engagement – “This is how I imagined my engagement years ago – lots of cameras on all sides, a photographer, and one big piece of gold, she wrote. “XAUR is the first Slovenian cryptocurrency, celebrating its 3rd birthday in March. At the same time, it is the first and only cryptocurrency in the world to be backed by physical gold. At the moment, the coins are not backed just by air, but by 129.1 kg of gold, which already represents about 4 percent of the gold reserves held by the Bank of Slovenia. The Forbes magazine independently described Xaurum as one of the five safe investments in 2018. From last Monday onward, it has also been available at all branches of the gas station Petrol, ATMs of Hranilnica Lon, and via Moneta text messages at Telekom Slovenije,” she added.

Can the Prime Minister’s companion afford to be part of a scam?

“Can you imagine if Borut Pahor’s partner or Janez Janša’s wife were revealed to have promoted a pyramid scheme in which hundreds were deceived?” Mayer also wrote in his article. Tomaž Štih believes that the partner of any other Prime Minister could not afford to be part of a crypto scam. What is even more worrying is that Gaber, who promoted the crypto scam, is apparently also influencing policymaking in Slovenia.

Sara Kovač

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