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Pirc Musar lost against Požar with false evidence

“However, this court proceeding is also interesting because it turned out that Nataša Pirc Musar, today a candidate for president of the country and who would even like to become the moral authority of the Republic of Slovenia, in her appeal against the first decision of the district court, provably fraudulently provided false evidence,” Požar stated in the last article regarding the controversial conduct of the lawyer Pirc Musar. The Senate of the Ljubljana District Court then rejected the prosecution of Požar for the second time.

Former lawyer and presidential candidate Nataša Pirc Musar is burdened by several controversial matters. Finally, we learned that through her husband Aleš Musar, she tried to influence the media coverage and in doing so she lied (!!!). Let’s also remember that her controversial husband worked with former transition tycoon Darko Horvat. Yesterday, Bojan Požar also wrote some criticisms on her account: “Due to my work/profession, I know or follow an enormous number of people. And of all the people I know/follow, Nataša Pirc Musar is one of those people who are completely unfit for the position of president or president of the republic.”

Today, he published another, extremely unpleasant piece of information on the Požareport portal – that she used false evidence as a lawyer. Požar even states that it was a “fraudulent move by the lawyer”. We wonder if people really want such a person on the pedestal of the highest moral authority in the country?! It is necessary to renew the story from 2019, when Marjan Šarec was Prime Minister. In the case of Major General Alenka Ermenc, Požar ended up in court after the publication of an extremely high-profile article entitled “Unofficial: the crash of Major General. Would you like to have Dobran Božič back?!”, namely on Požareport portal, on March 31st, 2019.

Ermenc decided to prosecute Požar, probably on the secret initiative of the then Minister of Defence Karl Erjavec, which the latter does not acknowledge. The process began with a report to the military police, even though the journalist is exclusively a civilian. The above-mentioned police then forwarded the complaint to the state prosecutor’s office, which filed an indictment upon completion of the judicial investigation. However, the Ljubljana District Court rejected the indictment and did not allow the prosecution of Požar (lawyer Franci Matoz). Surprisingly, the prosecutor’s office did not file an appeal against the court’s decision, but Ermenc did as the injured party. She was represented by lawyer Pirc Musar (law firm Pirc Musar & Lemut Strle).

And this time, the panel of the district court decided on the case again (on August 2nd), and the prosecution against Požar was rejected for the second time. On this occasion, the investigative journalist highlighted the fraudulent behaviour of the lawyer, who is even running for president of the republic (!!!), i.e., for the highest moral authority in the country. As he wrote, in the appeal against the original decision of the court in Ljubljana, she presented false evidence. Ermenc’s complaint was accompanied by a paper that she quoted and referred to, even though Požar was not the author at all. The author was Aljuš Pertinač, who can be followed as the host of the show Faktor on TV3.

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