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New Threats by the Left-Wing Extremist: “All the Clerical Fascist Rats Should be Forced into a Church, and Then the Whole Thing Should Be Set on Fire, the Vermin has Multiplied!”

There seems to be no end to hatred and extremism. “All the Clerical Fascist Rats Should be Forced into a Church, and Then the Whole Thing Should Be Set on Fire, the Vermin has Multiplied!” Ermin Rizvanovič wrote on the social network Twitter. The post that calls for murder was written in response to State Secretary Božo Predalič. And the reason for such primitivism? Rizvanovič was simply bothered by the fact that Predalič dared to criticise the statement of the SD party president, Tanja Fajon, who said that Prime Minister Janez Janša does not understand the fundamental European values.

“STOP the hatred and extremism! It started with remarks about conservativism and obscurantists. It is continuing with calls for murder. Let’s stop the spiral of hatred,” Matej Tonin, Minister of Defence and president of the NSi party, wrote in response to Ermin Rizvanovič’s hostile post.

Not long ago, the show Tarča (Target) was broadcast on national public television, where, among other things, there was talk of primitivism and hatred appearing on social networks. In line with the nature of the public broadcaster’s reporting, of course, the emphasis was on hate speech coming from the right. Thus, among other things, they “accidentally” overlooked the case of SAB MP Marko Bandelli, who has repeatedly been involved in tasteless and primitive verbal fights. “You know, I am very serious when I say this. I do not mind the right if it is constructive in its work with the opposition. A little bit of different ideology is good because it breaks the monopoly of politics. But… What we have is NOT THE RIGHT!! This is vermin; it is destructive dictatorial radicalism. An autocratic and absolute monarchy.” Since such primitive outrages on the left are tolerated, it is no wonder that they do not seem to end.

Bandelli, of course, is just one example. However, since posts of this kind (even by a representative of the people) are being tolerated, many radical sympathisers naturally think: why not write something like this myself? And as the competent institutions did not react when death threats were being made at the anti-government protests, it is not surprising that certain people are feeling especially brave. So, we are now witnessing a society in which we have radicalised individuals who think they are allowed to say just about anything! Ermin Rizanovič is undoubtedly one of the people who think that they can call for the murder of people who they do not like. Vile!

So many extremist posts are being published!
If we look at Rizanović’s posts on his profile, we can quickly see that he is in favour of individuals like Janez Stariha, for whom we already know that his level of indecent communication is high. And when it comes to Rizanovič, who does not even have a profile picture on his Twitter profile, this is by no means an isolated example of primitivism. Namely, he regularly publishes extremist posts, such as: “Slovenian government, such my d*ck,” “The brilliant church rats are trying to be smart again,” “Clerical fascists, fuck off of the stage,” (this particular post was directed at the NSi MP Jožef Horvat), “I will pound your mother in the ass,” (written as a response to one of Predalič’s tweets), “Suck my d*ick, Slovenian police, and its leader, Hojs manure.”

This is, without a doubt, an extremist individual who is close to the left-wing political option. Given the level of his communication, which is below anything normal, the only right thing to do would be to sanction such behaviour. Not only because the primitivism is directed at the right-wing political option, the same would also apply if the matter were reversed. It is most likely true that nobody wants to live in a society where everyone can be threatened simply for daring to use a word that does not suit someone else, or perhaps they will even get threats because someone does not like them. Death threats should be punished, and that is it! Will the left-wing pole be able to respond critically this time, or will they shut their eyes and ignore the problem, which is what they usually do?

Sara Kovač

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