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Municipalities And Firefighters Got A Quarter Of The Amount Allocated To Metelkova’s Political Cyclists

The government has allocated €2,391,191.87 to 91 municipalities to reimburse the costs of interventions during the severe storms with prolonged torrential rains, strong winds, hail and torrential flooding, which happened on the 12th and 13th of July this year, and another €40,391,191.87 to reimburse the costs of interventions in the said municipalities. €883.44 were allocated to the fire brigades that participated in the intervention activities in the affected municipalities. This amounts to a total of €2,432,075.31 for the 91 municipalities, which means an average of €26,726.10 per municipality (including the fire brigades).

We are talking about 2.43 million euros (how they managed to calculate the amount to the cent is unknown), which is a drop in the ocean when you consider the hundreds of millions of euros that this government has spent on (Golob’s) energy sector.

The extent to which this government is making fools of the people is also shown by the fact that the 2.43 million euros for 91 municipalities and fire brigades amounts to less than a quarter of the funds that the Golob government has earmarked for the “political cyclists from Metelkova 6” in Ljubljana after just one public tender, as Janez Janša pointed out on Twitter.

Indeed, one of the first tenders of the Golob government for the “Metelkova 6” was for 10 million euros.

Moja Dolenjska

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