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Media servility without borders

“The celebration before the Statehood Day this time without fences and open to everyone,” we could read on the website on the Friday evening before the Statehood Day. Of course, this emphasis was far from the truth. On Friday afternoon, I tried to cross Congress Square in Ljubljana with my family, but I could not, because a protective fence had already been erected there to protect the event space. That is why we bypassed it through Park Zvezda. We saw how the security guards at the entrance from the direction of the Ursuline Church chased away passers-by who wanted to cross Congress Square “by a shortcut”. Yes, the difference was that there were far fewer police officers than last year when hordes of left-wing fanatics tried to disrupt the national celebration of the 30th anniversary of the independent Republic of Slovenia on Republic Square in Ljubljana. The celebration was attended by many foreign guests, prime ministers of neighbouring countries and even the President of the European Council, Charles Michel. It has once again shown who is tolerant and who is impatient in Slovenia.

Last year, when the centre right Janša’s government was in power, we witnessed media and civil society hysteria on a daily basis, reminiscent of a state of emergency. Everything the previous government did or has done was allegedly wrong. And this is only because the political and ideological successors of the totalitarian communist government could not come to terms with not being in power. In the style of the former secretary of the executive bureau of the presidency of the Union of Communists, Stane Dolanc, who said on September 9th, 1972, in Split: “It must be clear to everyone that we, the communists, are in power here, because if it were not for us, someone else would be, but that is not the case and never will be.” In the style of what left-wing commentators wrote even before the first Janša’s government, such as Vlado Miheljak, that the ruling LDS is “doomed to power”.

This year, however, it was nice to see that the centre right is European democratic, that it knows how to admit defeat in the elections, culturally hand over power to the winners of the elections (let’s leave all the concerns we have about this at this point) and that it knows how to celebrate the biggest national holiday with dignity, even though it is not in power. At the same time, it does not even occur to it and its supporters to disturb the central national celebration in Ljubljana, at which we remember the biggest event in Slovenian history – that is, the establishment of the Slovenian state and the defence of its independence and sovereignty in the war for Slovenia, which is discussed in detail in this issue of Demokracija magazine.

Of course, in this magazine we further expose all the intolerance of the new socialist government under the leadership of Robert Golob, who is systematically and brutally carrying out personnel purges in all areas. The ruling parliamentary coalition replaced two supervisors of the Slovenian State Holding with fabricated reasons (by replacing the members of the supervisory board and appointing their own people to these positions, they will be able to replace the leadership of the SSH with their own “staff”, thereby gaining access to state-owned companies and assets). It replaced the executive management of the BAMC, due to alleged poor operations, it replaced the members of the councils of institutions in nine hospitals, and we could go on and on. They are also preparing a jump on RTV Slovenia, with the help of left-wing socio-political workers who are convinced that RTV is professional and independent only if it is completely subordinated to the left-wing current of opinion. The dominant media describe this as something normal, in fact they support the showdown with “Janša’s spies”, even though just a few months ago every personnel move of the centre right government was dissected and condemned to the point of impotence. Just as they condemned and dissected it to the point of exhaustion, the son of the then Minister of Agriculture, Aleksandra Pivec, was said to have spent the weekend in an Izola hotel at the municipal expense. Now that the editors of the portal Peter Jančič and Bojan Požar (Požareport) have revealed that Prime Minister Robert Golob did not travel to the last European Union summit in Brussels alone, but with his underage son (who paid for it?), this is not a problem at all for the dominant media, but something completely normal. As is obviously normal, when the President of the National Assembly Urška Klakočar Zupančič, upon arriving at the celebration of the Statehood Day in front of the Honorary Company of the Slovenian Army, spins and poses as if she were on the red carpet in Hollywood. In a little while, the left-wing servile media will award her an Oscar, sorry, a pigeon.

Metod Berlec

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