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Let someone else say that the NGO Peace Institute is not an anti-Slovenian project

If anyone still doubts that the Peace Institute is an anti-Slovenian project of financial speculator George Soros, who is extremely hostile to the nation and the state, they should read the statement of its founder Vlasta Jalušič in Slovenia: “Slovenian independence is like salt from Butale.” She said this back in 1991, which means that she did not exactly believe in the project of an independent Slovenia from the very beginning. If we refresh the memory a bit for all those who have already forgotten the content of school reading: Because salt was expensive and difficult to get in general, the citizens of a fictional place Butale decided to plant it themselves (Butalci, written by Fran Milčinski).

“Thus, the head of the Peace Institute made fun of the efforts and victims of Slovenian independence in the most difficult times. And was then repaid with heavy millions of euros for the “institute”,” Prime Minister Janez Janša wrote critically about Vlasta Jalušič. She is a person who insultingly compared Slovenian independence to “salt from Butale”.

Of course, only nettles grew, which were nevertheless used by “the stupid” people, thinking that the “young salt” had a burning taste. Therefore, Jalušič is like someone who claims that they were “deleted” from the register and at first did not want to support Slovenia, but now want financial bonuses. She is one of those for whom Slovenia has never been an intimate option, and they seem to have only the intention of living in abundance at the expense of fellow citizens, i.e. taxpayers, while mixing the “social fog” with various “gendering” and multiculturalism, etc.

To all who would understand her words as “prophetic”, saying that our country today is far from “another Switzerland”, it is necessary to tell the plain truth: in many areas, especially economic, Slovenia is far ahead of the countries of the former common state, and it is not very probable that such a common state would increase the well-being of Slovenes nowadays. It would sooner be an obstacle. However, the situation in our country would certainly be better and closer to the idea of a “second Switzerland” if we carried out both lustration and transition thoroughly. An example can be the successful Višegrad members Czech Republic and Poland, which were far behind us in terms of development, yet are still overtaking us. By the way: In less than a decade, Poland could overtake even Italy in terms of economic power.

Why is money not spent on development and digitisation instead of various “gendering”?
The “Easterners”, who were also looked down upon by some Slovene politicians in the 1990s, leave us far behind, also because we have “socialist remnants” like Jalušič in our country – transformed into “progressives” whose central nest is the Peace Institute. If money were used for the development, science, and digitalisation of Slovenia instead of various “sociological experiments”, we would certainly be (even) more successful. At the same time, it would be fair for people like Jalušič to finally realise that the state is not just a milking machine, but much more.

Slovenia is the realisation of centuries-old dreams of too many Slovenes, who even shed blood for these dreams, because they sincerely and wholeheartedly believed in them. If Jalušič does not believe in them and even incites against independence, it would be appropriate for her to consider renouncing her citizenship and apply for asylum in a country where, due to higher social benefits, she could “socialise” even more, and enforce her, for many, a completely distorted and degenerate view of the world and the homeland. Her “thinking” and “critical thought” would finally really fly like a bird out of a cage and take off under a vast, boundless mental sky, maybe even into space. Surely her mighty mentor Soros would have some other job ready for her as well, as he has an abundance of money, acquaintances, and especially character perfidies.

She actively supports the development of the Third World at the expense of Slovenian taxpayers
In the former common state, which seemed to be a more “intimate option” for her, she would be declared an “anti-state element”, while in democratic Slovenia, because of her “anti-state” attitude, no one will take care of her health, freedom, or even life. However, it might make sense for her to consider continuing to live in a country that is just “salt from Butale” for someone. There is really no point in wasting time for her, because a human, by co-creating this subalpine piece of the Earth, is also becoming a “citizen of Butale”. They become like someone who “plants salt” and reaps “young nettles”. It all turns into a simple absurdity.

Otherwise, Jalušič’s final decision is primarily her business and the business of the taxpayers who support all her exploits in our country and abroad. And finally, we can list a few more things, especially the achievements that we will remember for a long time and with which she “enriched” our space. First of all, she is determined or, as psychoanalyst Roman Vodeb calls her, a “militant feminist”. From her profile of the Peace Institute, we can understand that, like St. George, she is fighting against the ubiquitous “lie” in our society: “Even though in “normal” times the pursuit of truth is not essential to the political space, today truth-telling and fact-finding have become par excellence. This is where the key political battle is being fought.”

She is known as a great fighter against democratisation and pluralism of the mainstream media
Moreover, we can read a prophetic, apocalyptic note on her profile, which fills us with an evil foreboding: “This is not a very good sign, as it shows that we live in difficult, dark times.” She also proved to be a great fighter against the renovation of the dilapidated building on Metelkova 6. She was also among the 75 signatories of the call, who intimidated the Slovenian public before Janša’s government, thus earning her the reputation of “academic reservist on call”. Her fierce opposition to Slovenia’s accession to NATO is also well known, as she is a strong supporter of the demilitarisation of Slovenia. In addition, she is a big opponent of the democratisation of the mainstream media.

Sara Kovač

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