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Kordiš Admits Out Loud That He Supports The “Dismantling Of The Nation, The Family, Private Property And Free Enterprise”

“What good is patriarchy if you can have ‘the dismantling of the nation, the family, private property and free enterprise.’ For everyone, not just the select few,” read a statement by the Left party (Levica) MP Miha Kordiš. He published a photo on Facebook from the so-called “rally” organised by the Institute of the 8th of March (Inštitut 8. marec), where he is proudly parading around with a banner that reads “LGBT+ in schools.” And if the Left has so far been quietly carrying out a revolution of cultural Marxism, Kordiš has now admitted out loud that – like the LGBTQ agenda – he is aiming for a complete devaluation of the nation, the family, private property and free enterprise – with the help of the education system.

Both the Left party and the left in general, incapable of winning in the political and economic spheres, have inserted themselves into everything else in order to win in the cultural sphere (culture in the broader sense). And that is why it is not surprising – it was even expected – that the Left MP Miha Kordiš would support the LGBTQ ideology, since the latter and cultural Marxism share a common goal – to degrade people to their core – followed by the degradation of the nation, and worst of all – they prey on the children.

Cultural Marxism was conceived from the outset as a tool to morally and culturally undermine the West, which would then be easy prey for a communist takeover. Today it seems even more revolutionary than classical Marxism used to be – it gives the impression of perfecting the family, sexual identity and human nature, whereas classical Marxism gave the impression of perfecting society on the basis of the violent dispossession of property. And what did we witness just a few months ago, when Miha Kordiš was pretending to be a “man of the people,” but today, he openly admits that it is this very “people” that he wants to destroy?

School is not for education but for indoctrinating children

How else can we interpret the photo that was also published on his Facebook, in which he describes himself and a handful of people with the same goal as “the red gang” (red is just the colour of communism), while holding a banner that reads “LGBTQ in schools”? We know that the purpose of the LGBTQ community is to destroy the value of the family and, ultimately, the importance of women in society, which is completely contradictory to what the Institute of the 8th of March is supposed to stand for.

Cultural Marxism – the domination of the media, the arts and educational institutions

Ever since the Golob government came to power, the influence of the coalition agreement has been felt, which was a copy of the Left party’s programme. Everything they have wanted and aspired to so far fulfils all the conditions of cultural Marxism – to achieve cultural hegemony, i.e., to dominate the landscape of thought, art, education, media, common sense, beliefs and morality. It is also worth noting that the priority of the Golob government was the complete takeover of the national media outlet, Radio-Television Slovenia, but fortunately, the Constitutional Court thwarted their plans. By taking over the national media, they would have dominated the landscape of thought and the media. The domination of the arts is reflected in the abolition of the Museum of Slovenian Independence, for which Asta Vrečko – a member of the Left Party – was very eager.

Their agenda is to expand into educational institutions

But it doesn’t stop there, because here comes the most heinous part of their agenda, the expansion into educational institutions, where they have already taken a step forward. I am talking about the appointment of Simon Maljevec – a member of the Left party, who is also a former LGBTQ activist – to the post of Minister of Solidarity-Based Future. A Minister who was also the person responsible for a certain publication of the Association Legebitra, which literally indoctrinates children in schools in a demoralising way.

All of this, more than obviously, is a successful translation of Marx’s thesis into the cultural field: left-wing socialist minorities would replace the working class as the agents of revolution, and the indoctrination would take place largely through educational institutions imbued with these ideas, which include LGBTQ ideology – because they are striving for the same goal, after all. The state school system, set up to provide a safe learning climate for all pupils, has become a left-wing social laboratory where the immoral indoctrination of children takes place, and the Left party is literally throwing this in people’s faces.

Tanja Brkić

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