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How the murdered Ivan Kramberger accurately predicted what will be happening 30 years later in Slovenia

Death threats have become a constant, both on Slovenian streets and in the parliament. The media is silent, the prosecution is winking at the truth, no one is taking action. But when Prime Minister Janez Janša innocently jokes, a wave of criticism pours on him from all sides. How did we get to this point, to a situation where our country is ruled by such discarded double standards? Do we really want to be ruled by a left wing political option that only attacks, threatens, and acts destructively at a time when state-forming cooperation would be more than welcome and would, so to speak, save lives? On the left, they call the current government fascist and call for dialogue – while they persistently reject the dialogue, and totalitarian tendencies are theirs and theirs only.

“Kučan is not a bad man, but he is a communist. If you vote for him, the communists will rule again. And when they will not rule, I add, then they will protest and call for the death of those who rule and are not from their ranks,” were the words of the presidential candidate Ivan Kramberger, which are today considered as prophecy by many. Kramberger was a popular and simple man who could not recognise the nature of former President Milan Kučan, just as he could not have foreseen that he would soon be killed after these words. In the time of the current government, we were able to observe the announcement of a benefactor from Negova every Friday – as well as on other occasions. Shouts of death to “Janšism” have become almost casual, completely normal, and the media and the prosecution do not pay any attention to such threats. Protesters and the left wing political option are insulting all over and everyone as fascists, but in reality they are the ones who show the most totalitarian tendencies. For them, the only possible authority in Slovenia is the left. And everything that is not left must be persecuted, even with death threats and constant attacks – even at a time of epidemic, when cooperation would only be right and undoubtedly much more state-forming.

In the middle of the temple of democracy, Levica MP Violeta Tomić went beyond all bounds of good taste (she does this practically all the time) and compared Prime Minister Janez Janša to Romanian communist dictator Nicolai Ceausescu. Causescu, a Romanian communist dictator, was convicted in a fast track court and executed with his wife on Christmas. Tomić therefore publicly threatened the Prime Minister with death in the National Assembly. “Janša must be killed” has somehow become a completely normalised slogan of leftists, which is not persecuted or condemned by anyone. Do we really want to live in such a country, under the leadership of people who threaten democratically elected representatives with death? After watching the video below, can anyone in their right mind really want these people to take power in Slovenia? Indeed, it would be high time for the prosecution to take this kind of threat seriously and for the mainstream media to stop supporting this kind of rhetoric. Namely, there is a possibility that at some point such words also turn into actions. In any case, the competent institutions should take action before it is too late.

“It has never been as bad as it will be for the Slovene nation now,” Kramberger also announced when he warned people that the communists wanted to continue to maintain their monopoly over the Slovenes. “They stick to them like a drunkard on a fence,” he remarked, targeting the communist seats in Slovenia. Are these Kramberger’s words also prophetic and describe the situation if a constructive vote of no confidence passed in the current government and the KUL coalition with Karl Erjavec at the helm took power? Let’s hope not.

Sara Bertoncelj

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