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How Messed Up Do You Have to Be to Break the Rules and Then Pretend to Be the Victim in Public?

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Janez Janša went to Strasbourg, where he first met with the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, and then presented the six-month programme for Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union, with the priorities of the presidency in the second half of 2021. However, since apparently some people just cannot stop slandering our country at every turn, it is not surprising that representatives of Friday’s anti-government cyclists also came to Strasbourg to protest. There were six of them in total, and of course, Jaša Jenull and Tea Jarc were also present – the two people who, during the times of stricter measures, when gathering was banned, violated the restrictions and then presented themselves to the European public as victims!  

Director Jaša Jenull, the son of the Supreme State Prosecutor from the Criminal Department, Hinko Jenull, proved that he has no problem paying fines he gets due to his frequent participation in the illegal protests. We also still remember the scene involving the trade unionist Tea Jarc, who protested against the government from an exotic destination in the middle of the epidemic. Namely, the President of the Trade Union Youth Plus (Mladi plus) said that she runs the trade union with a minimum wage, but apparently, this did not prevent her from taking a nice trip. Meanwhile, most of us did not leave our municipalities at all, but there are clearly no restrictions for the caviar leftists.

The police officers took Jenull away because he violated the regulations – police officers also treated the protesters much nicer than their colleagues elsewhere in the West
It is more than obvious that the caviar leftists do not care about the fact that with their actions, with which they want to get attention, they are embarrassing our country and also themselves. Although it is known that the accusations that have been made several times before, namely, the claims of suppressing the rule of law and journalistic work, are not at all true, the leftists continue on trying to pass off the story in question as the truth. Thus, on Tuesday, they gathered in front of the building of the European Parliament, where they unfurled a banner calling for the protection of the rule of law in Slovenia. They called on the European institutions to condemn the “violations of human rights and democratic procedures in Slovenia.”

Among other things, the protesters also placed a bunch of rainbow footprints, cut out from paper, in front of the parliament building, and paraded around with photos showing snapshots from the anti-government protests. The pictures, of course, also depicted the police officers who were guarding the anti-government protests. What they tried to convey with the photos is how, supposedly, police repression is happening in Slovenia. They, of course, kept quiet about the context of the photos – namely, they did not mention that the anti-government protests happened in the middle of the epidemic and that the protesters depicted in the photos violated the regulations that were in place at the time. Given that police officers acted in the same way, or even more leniently than elsewhere in the European Union, the whole thing seems like an even bigger farce.

They called Prime Minister Janša a patient
In expressing his disagreement with the current government, Jenull even went as far as to label Prime Minister Janez Janša a patient on Facebook, where he shared the photos from the protests. Namely, he wrote: “Wherever the patient goes… the protests follow!” He also shared the announcement of the Protesting Assembly, which reads: “Upon his arrival to the European Parliament, the Slovenian patient was awaited by protest action. We have successfully addressed the MEPs and the international media! Let’s keep fighting!” So much for the “culture” of the cultural workers!

Given that we have been witnessing stories about a dictatorship in Slovenia ever since the attempt to change the government, in which the power-hungry opposition was unfortunately unsuccessful, and since these stories are now being spread abroad, with the help of Slovenian and foreign media outlets that serve the left-wing powers in Europe, it is clear that this time, once again, the goal was to come up with a new story that could be sold to the media. The media outlet Politico, of course, happily took the bait. In the past, Politico has proven several times how much it cares about objective and professional reporting. Given that it is obviously quite normal for them to not present both sides of the story, but only what they believe to be the “truth,” it is not surprising that this time, according to the web portal 24ur, they wrote the following: “Janša is coming to Brussels to complain about how many people are attacking him. However, today, he will get a fresh bone to chew on, as there is a special surprise waiting for him here. Jaša Jeunll and Tea Jarc came to the French seat of the European Parliament, and with the help of some MEPs, they reminded the Prime Minister of a well-known scene from the streets of Slovenia.” Of course, they also mentioned the attacks on the media, journalists and civil society, which, in reality, do not exist.

Despite the circus outside of the European Parliament, the Prime Minister presented the visionary plan for the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Since a lot of things that happen in the Slovenian political scene are then exported to the European institutions, where no one speaks Slovenian, and where they depend on what people who understand our language tell them, Janša invited all interested parties to come to Slovenia before making a judgment regarding the rule of law and media freedom in our country. They should come to Slovenia with a translator, stay with us for a week, and they will quickly realise what the media’s attitude towards the government is really like, and vice versa. Of course, Friday’s protesters and the opposition do not want that because then it would be much more difficult to find anyone else who would be willing to continue to sell their fictional stories, in addition to our mainstream media. But still, the truth always comes out – sooner or later.

Sara Kovač

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