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How Children In Primary School Are Being Indoctrinated Into Becoming LGBTQ Activists

The left-wing activists, led by the Robert Golob government, are increasingly pressuring children to become LGBTQ activists. How else could one explain the madness, which was recently highlighted on Twitter by, among others, Nejc Brence, the Vice-President of the youth wing of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) – the Slovenian Democratic Youth (Slovenska demokratska mladina – SDM), who wrote: “Cultural Marxism has no limits, it doesn’t even stop at child abuse. It is the duty of the state to protect children from abuse, not to perpetrate it.”

“This is what Miha Lobnik, the “Advocate of the Principle of Equality,” is sending to primary schools. For the purposes of indoctrinating children and promoting #LGBT propaganda. Cultural Marxism has no limits, it doesn’t even stop at child abuse. It is the duty of the state to protect children from abuse, not to perpetrate it,” read the SDM Vice-President Nejc Brence‘s caption under a photo of one of the pages from the schoolbooks used by Golob’s leftist activists to indoctrinate children. The purpose of school is to teach and educate, but what is happening now is indoctrination in its worst form, the result of which can only be one thing – devastation.

Not so long ago, sex education in public schools involved a few uncomfortable hours of looking at simple line drawings depicting human growth and development and listening to advice on how to be careful, respect others, and save sex for marriage. Today, things are very different. The “facts of life” have not changed, but “inclusivity,” “sex positivity,” and other popular concepts have changed sex education. Parents today have two main concerns about sex education in Slovenian schools: that it sexualises children and that it is full of LGBTQ indoctrination. And this is fully supported and implemented by Miha Lobnik, a radical homosexual activist.

Not so long ago, we saw the optional educational materials that teach about “ass-licking”, and now, we are seeing the introduction of compulsory materials that include the teaching of radical LGBTQ theory in schools. It is also important to note that the LGBT civil society organisation DIC Legebitra, together with the Ministry of Health, the Students’ Organisation and the Municipality of Ljubljana, produced a publication for young people in 2017, which explains and “teaches” them about sex toys, “chemsex” (sex while under the influence of drugs), “fisting” and even “ass-licking,” among other things. You heard that right, and the person responsible for this disgusting publication is none other than the former LGBTQ, failed Metelkova member, who was the first one to get a job at the ministry thanks to Minister Luka Mesec, Simon Maljevac.

However, the material in question this time it is the responsibility of another homosexual radical activist, Miha Lobnik, who is also the “Advocate of the Principle of Equality.” Cultural Marxism is real, and by hiding their aims under the guise of social justice, these cultural Marxists want to distort all Slovenian values and dismantle the country’s very foundations. What the Golob government is doing is actually the gradual process of destroying tradition, Christianity, the family, morality, law and order, sexual restraint, conservative forms of government, individuality and language. And the preservation of the Slovenian language is another thing (besides values and morals) that Lobnik does not care about at all. Indeed, only recently, when reviewing an amendment to the Foreigners Act, Lobnik concluded that it would be a good idea to drop the entry-level requirement of Slovenian language skills from the requirements for preserving the right of foreigners who come work to Slovenia to family reunification.

Education has given way to indoctrination, and the way in which children are indoctrinated from an early age into the idea that they might actually be a different sex from the one they were born is a critical part of the indoctrination campaign directed against Slovenian children. After hearing from the representatives of the current government from the beginning and practically all the time about ‘solidarity, inclusion and equality for all,’ whether it be in terms of migration policy or the flying of rainbow flags, they are now also preying on children with this absurd trans ideology.

As we have already pointed out, a dangerous precedent can arise

But that is not even the worst of it. If the Golob government claims that the sexualisation of children is “normal” from a young age, then we are not far from what is happening in the USA and other Western countries at the moment, where underage children can decide on physical sex changes and hormone therapy, and the state not only allows them to do so – they can even do it without parental consent. Is the Golob government even aware of the precedent that this kind of behaviour could set in the future? That a minor can make long-term decisions that can affect their health and also fertility. And if they can make decisions about their own bodies, even though they are not mentally mature enough, it will lead to the fact that, in the end, those in power will have to accept that children can also make arbitrary decisions about their own sexual relationships. That is right, paedophilia then no longer exists, and your child will no longer be a victim in this situation but a cooperating partner.

Tanja Brkić

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