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Former Acting Director-General of the Police and Danilo Türk’s Adviser Stabbed His Son-In-Law!

Last Wednesday night, another Slovenian family drama happened near Litija, which ended with the use of a cold weapon, but fortunately without any fatalities this time. The media apparently decided to keep quiet when it came to the news about Danilo Türk’s former adviser.

Media outlet Požareport reveals an incredible story that the left-wing media simply decided to keep quiet about, probably because it involves a left-wing politician. It was Bojan Potočnik, a former acting director-general of the Police, retired senior officer of the Slovenian Army, and former adviser to Danilo Türk, who was even an unsuccessful candidate on the LDS party’s list in the 2008 elections, who allegedly stabbed his son-in-law.

So, what actually happened? Bojan’s daughter allegedly called her father for help, saying that her partner, so Potočnik’s son-in-law, refused to leave the house. Her father rushed to the scene and apparently stabbed his son-in-law with a knife during the fight. Police officers allegedly treated the act as a minor injury to the body. Bojan Potočnik is also known to the wider public from the Patria affair, where he was actively involved in the action against the then-Prime Minister Janez Janša.

What is most interesting in this entire situation is that the left-wing media outlets simply kept quiet about the whole thing. Why? Is it perhaps because they do not want to embarrass the leftists? It is a good thing that there are other media outlets out there besides the left-wing ones.


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