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Entrepreneur Štancar: The Announced Tax Changes Will Hit The Middle And Lower Classes The Hardest

The government of Robert Golob recently announced a new tax pogrom. Two new measures were presented. A restructuring of labour taxes and, very likely, an increase in the tax burden and the introduction of new taxes on real estate such as cars and the like. The government has announced that it will not tackle the taxation of deposits, as such taxation would be too easy for citizens to avoid. We asked the Director of the Bia Separations company from Ajdovščina for his opinion on the government’s announcements, and he did not hide his disappointment with the government’s ideas and measures. The new taxes will hit the poor and the hard-working the hardest, but they will also make it very difficult for the economy to function properly.

“The announced tax changes will hit the middle and lower classes the hardest by far. The taxation of commute costs is a real cherry on top, and it will hit Ljubljana the hardest, as employees will no longer be able to afford the cost of driving. And thus, hospitals will have even bigger problems with nurses, hotels will be left without cleaners, restaurants will lose their waiters and cooks, kindergartens and schools will be without staff,” Aleš Štrancar, an entrepreneur, was critical of the introduced measures.

Former Minister of Finance Janez Šuštaršič also commented on the upcoming changes recently, saying that the announced wealth tax would be very difficult to implement, and Štrancar agreed with his point, saying that the proposals being put forward by Slovenian tycoons in cooperation with the “so-called left” is a scam on the ordinary citizen.

Those who have worked the hardest will be the worst affected

“Those that are the most wealthy, especially Slovenian tycoons, have their assets abroad, in tax havens, and the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia has no way of tracing these assets, let alone taxing them. The worst hit will be dealt to those who have worked for 30 years to build a house which they will have to sell in a few years’ time, because they will not be able to afford the high property taxes. Farms will also be even more deteriorated as a result – which is just like what has been happening in the USA for decades. And let us not forget that former President of the USA, Barack Obama, through Nika Kovač and her ilk, together with Soros and his Slovenian fellows, helped to install this government. The goal of Obama, Soros and the like, is to establish a global state ruled by the financial elite, and the rest of us will be their slaves,” said the entrepreneur.

Higher taxes mean a bigger purse for theft
Štrancar then explained that tax increases can only have one goal, which is to increase the taxpayer’s coffers, from which the elites can then steal. “The objective is clear: they want to collect as much money as possible from the taxpayers, so that they can fill the empty coffers of their mentors. If they themselves were to be affected by the tax changes, they would certainly not go for such taxation. Higher taxes in our country serve only one purpose, a bigger purse from which to steal. And to cover up the theft, you have to pay a multitude of civil servants to look the other way and a multitude of media to play reality shows for us and further divide the nation,” said Štrancar, who added, “That is why Slovenian tycoons like Prime Minister Golob, the President Pirc-Musar’s dynasty and the like, all members of the new elite, are introducing such changes.”

The incompetence of the government can be a comfort to us

However, Štrancar does not believe that the government’s announcements will materialise, not because they do not want them to, but because they are incompetent: “Personally, I do not think that any of these things will materialise, because this government is completely incompetent, just one big theatre of the absurd, a mixture of nepotists, kleptomaniacs, lunatics and incompetents. The manipulators behind the scenes are already looking for “new” faces to put things right.”

His predictions are coming true

A year ago, just days before the elections to the National Assembly, the entrepreneur from Ajdovščina published a public letter entitled: “Who I will not vote for.” Unfortunately, his predictions have come true, almost to the word. He wrote: “Therefore, on Sunday, I will NOT vote for parties that are against the current government coalition purely and simply for “ideological” reasons. I will NOT vote for parties whose common denominator and only content is to be against. History teaches us that such parties and ideologies have only ever brought misery and suffering to ordinary people.”

He also wrote: “On Sunday, we are choosing between the future and regression. Between development and chaos. We are deciding whether we will have a government that solves problems or a government that collapses after a year of conflict among itself, which is what three governments have done in the last decade. We are deciding whether healthy domestic capital will invest in Slovenia or outside Slovenia. Above all, we are deciding whether we will leave our children and grandchildren a homeland in which they will be able to live freely, or whether we will condemn them to servitude to foreign and domestic tycoons.”

Gal Kovač

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