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BSF: Von der Leyen sees democracy as bulwark against rule of power

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said it “all depends on the power of democracy” as she discussed in her opening address to the 17th Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) what she called the most relevant question whether “the rule of powers” will replace “the power of rules”, the theme of this year’s forum, which focuses on the war in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia and efforts to preserve the international order alongside the energy crisis.

Von der Leyer reiterated the EU’s support for Ukraine, saying that by doing so the EU “upholds European values” and “shows to Russia and the world that breaking internationally shared rules comes with a massive cost”. This effort must be coupled with “a new European strategic thinking”, starting with neutralising Russia’s ability to blackmail with energy and strengthening the EU’s own capabilities to act. Von der Leyen is the first Commission president to have addressed the BSF.


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