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Branko Grims: “Elections will be a choice between those who are building Slovenia and left-wing destroyers who are ruining Slovenia!”

Before the upcoming parliamentary elections, we spoke with Branko Grims, Master of Political Science, and a prominent member of the Slovenian Democratic Party. Among other things, he was a member of the first democratically elected Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.

Branko Grims was born in Kranj and has a bachelor’s degree in geology and an academic title of Master of Political Science. He is married and has three children with his wife Martina: daughter Lara and twins Tima and Teja. He was a member of the first democratically elected Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. He is a Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Internal Policy, Public Administration and Local Self-Government. He is currently the head of the Slovenian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and the head of the Slovenian delegation to the Conference on the Future of Europe. He is the author of several laws in the field of electoral and media legislation and a scientific monograph on other houses of parliament.

DEMOKRACIJA: Your words: “Every Slovene deserves to live in our country not only happily, but also safely,” still echoe today. In your opinion, is Slovenia a safe country?

Grims: Safety, like health, is a fundamental value which we only realise when we lose it. Today, Slovenia is the safest country in Europe, so much so that many of our people do not even understand how violent the world is. We only really realise how safe we live here when we live abroad for a long time. In most countries, even the richer ones, such as France, the US, or the UK, it is not possible to go anywhere at night without great risk. In Slovenia, this is still possible, and we must do everything we can to maintain this safety for our children. That is why I strongly oppose any mass migration. Slovenians have the right to live safely, and no right of any foreigner can be above this right!

DEMOKRACIJA: In your opinion, what is the biggest threat to democracy in our country?

Grims: Certainly, this is the preservation of privileges and methods of operation from the times of totalitarianism, left-wing ideological monopoly in the media, judiciary, education, banking, much of the business world, in short all that we call the deep state. Unfortunately, many on the right also fall prey to the cultural Marxism of the leftists and, out of careerism, greed, or sometimes just simple naivety, support them in their wrongdoings – and these are the most dangerous for democracy and true values in the long run.

DEMOKRACIJA: You stand up for the Slovenian people, for the Slovenian nation. Do you ever have problems because of this? Are you often threatened?

Grims: I have two folders of the most varied letter threats I have received, much more severe than the ones published now. These are threats to me and my family with descriptions of extreme violence, many have been accompanied by many things. I experienced vandalism and attempted violence several times, which I reported, but no one took action.

Incomparably more dangerous than these forms of violently threatening left-wing folklore was when, as chairman of the parliamentary commission for the control of intelligence and security services, I only informed the public that we had studied the security risk of financing the Ljubljana Mosque with money from Qatar. This was grossly abused by an apparently politically motivated secretary of the Islamic community, who sent a completely fabricated inflammatory lie to the world that we “demanded the demolition of the Ljubljana Mosque”. I received several direct threats of murder by radical Islamists, one of which was made live on Radio Krka. The radical Islamists who threatened me even began to linger around my home, making the threat real and imminent not only for me but for all those close to me. I officially reported this, warned the authorities, no one helped me! Yes, you read that right – none of those who should! Just fitness colleagues connected to the Patriot Society whom I thank.

DEMOKRACIJA: What should be changed in Slovenia to make people more respectful of their homeland, their language, culture, music?

Grims: The current relationship is the result of years of brainwashing by the mass media. Propagandists of cultural Marxism claim that we are small, insignificant, useless, that everything that is genuinely Slovene, national, is essentially “fascist” … But they celebrate mass migrations and Yugoslav nostalgia. This is disgusting as none of this is true! Whoever comes to us must adapt to us, never the other way around!

Slovenia is extremely beautiful, and Slovenians are very intelligent and hardworking. The successes of our scientists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and others undoubtedly prove this! All this gives our homeland a tremendous development potential. We can be justifiably proud of Slovenia, our culture, language, and tradition. Slovenia is beautiful, let’s love it!

DEMOKRACIJA: You come from Kranj, where the famous anti-vax Zoran Stevanović also comes from. Should people who call for protests, which then turn into violence, be held accountable in court?

Grims: Legislation to date has made it possible to enforce the responsibility of organisers of illegal protests that escalate into violence. However, the law enforcement authorities, especially prosecutors and judges, misbehaved because they were leftists. The double standards revealed even more by the story of the unjustified and apparently excessive use of force against yellow jackets. We have now tightened legislation to consistently enforce accountability.

DEMOKRACIJA: What is your view on current Slovenian politics?

Grims: Two completely different concepts are facing each other. Together with the SDS coalition, I advocate lowering taxes so that citizens have more money left, and the state takes more care of security, quality health care and a good, ideologically neutral school and for the elderly. We want to build Slovenia as a country of prosperity, based on good entrepreneurship, which is the only long-term foundation of development.

The goal of today’s leftists is neither Slovenia nor labour, they never succeeded in them. The goal of today’s leftists is just your money – read: higher taxes! – and a great change of population, that is to flood Europe with migrants from the area of radical Islam and thus completely destroy European Christian roots, European nations and their identities, cultures, traditions. So, replace the old voters with new ones, who are turning their backs on leftists all over the world, because they have already been overlooked. They accomplish this by destroying states, pillars of statehood, such as the military; by destroying values, by humiliating motherhood (which is the most beautiful and important mission of this world!) and by imposing the madness of LGBT + ideological propaganda and cultural Marxism on children. To cover this up, they have developed a whole range of Orwellian false expressions that curse anything they do not like. Fascism has a special place among these.

The term fascism began to be used as a swear word by Stalin, a great role model for all leftists, after two years of devastating collaborations between Europe and the Socialists and their corporate derivative of the fascists, Hitler jumped on his back and attacked him. He therefore used the term fascists instead of national socialists because it would be too obvious that all socialists are from the same (Marx’s) hotbed of evil. Today, leftists use it to discredit everything that stands in the way of their unlimited power.

You respect Christian roots and values – you are a fascist. You want to preserve the Europe of nations, their traditions, cultures, identities – you are a fascist. You are telling the truth – you are (to the leftists!) the most dangerous fascist! You have a government that is not leftist – you are a fascist. You support, you like to listen to folk music – you are an autocratic fascist.

The leftist “persecution of fascism” therefore means, in fact, a drastic increase in taxes and the destruction of developmentally successful entrepreneurship, a flood of mass migrations, contempt for everything Slovenian, the end of security.

DEMOKRACIJA: What is your opinion about the so-called KUL opposition and Golob?

Grims: The KUL opposition, together with all its supporters, is already in a panic these days realising how right I was weeks ago, when I warned that “a good government is much better in hand than a pigeon over your head”.

DEMOKRACIJA: How do you comment on the statement of Professor Petar Stanković from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana that Slovenian folk music is fascistic?

Grims:  That the predictions of the leftists SD, Golob, Levica, SAB, LMŠ… about the “persecution of fascism” must be taken extremely seriously! The opposition understands it has no real positive alternative to the current government, so everything is based on inciting prejudice and hatred towards the SDS and all those who cooperate with the coalition – in left-wing jargon: “fascists”. Prof. Stanković’s words are a clear warning of what the swear word “fascism” encompass: all Slovene music will be persecuted, obviously also folk music, which will not come as a surprise to all who know that Che Guevara’s pathological killer killed young people just because they listened to “capitalist” music (!), and just below his image the leftists celebrated in Stožice; without a single Slovenian flag – that says it all…!

DEMOKRACIJA: Are the government’s successes enough for the SDS to win the next elections?

Grims: The successes of the government and its coalition are remarkable, and the question is whether people are sufficiently objectively aware of these successes and comparisons with other countries, as they are certainly not from the mainstream media. The decision in the elections is always emotional, even though everyone believes that they made a rational decision. Therefore, it is very bad for the future of Slovenia that leftists build only on hatred and prejudice against the Prime Minister and the SDS, because there has never been anything good out of hatred and exclusion. In a normal country with a democratic tradition of playing leftists on the most negative emotions and excluding the most capable, no one in their right mind would cast their vote.

DEMOKRACIJA: What will your election campaign be based on?

Grims: In contact with people, conversation, knowledge, arguments. No elections after the victory in the war for Slovenia have been as fatal in the long run as these will be! The most important thing will be for people to recognise what the actual choice is in this election.

  • In SDS we offer continuation of even faster economic development, raising wages by reducing taxes, without burdening the economy (!), equal development of all parts of Slovenia, development projects, consistent respect for true values – human rights and personal integrity, equality before the law and security. We therefore want to build a successful Slovenia that will provide security and prosperity at home and enjoy the reputation of a credible and successful partner abroad.
  • Leftists from SD, Golob, Levica to SAB and LMŠ predict “persecution of fascism”, everything Slovenian, including music, and according to the system: Worse for Slovenia, better for leftists in the elections! With protests, strikes (SVIZ), incitement to street violence, overthrowing of the government and the thus adapted media propaganda of the mainstream media, which is a single incitement to hatred towards a successful government, towards everything normal and Slovenian, they create the appearance of an emergency to fool voters in the elections.

The following is therefore essential: Elections will be a choice between those who are building Slovenia and left-wing destroyers who are ruining Slovenia!

I trust the people and their decision to build Slovenia together!

DEMOKRACIJA: Mr Grims, let’s also touch on current international developments. How do you comment on the recent unilateral aggression by Russian President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine? And the reactions of the international community?

Grims: The dream of all of us of a good partnership with Russia turned into the harsh reality of war on February 24th, 2022, at 5 am. Russia’s attack on an internationally recognised state of Ukraine is the first total war on European soil since peace in the Balkans. The consequences will be extremely bad and the aggression against Ukraine has been strongly condemned by all those who belong to the democratic world, including Slovenia.

The war in Ukraine exposes all the weakness of false values and the depravity of much of the modern world. Only power and solid military alliances count. The tragedy of Ukraine is that it believed in commitments based on international agreements and therefore completely gave up the largest thermonuclear arsenal that remained on its soil after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But those whom Ukraine has trusted – Europe and the United States – are, from the inside, eroded by cultural Marxism and therefore weak. Putin took advantage of this. This was made easier by his alliance with the Chinese, with whom he reckons he will lift sanctions. The Chinese benefit immensely from this (diversion of attention, test for Taiwan…) and they are the victors of this war in advance.

Ukraine is fighting with surprising determination, which is good for Europe, because otherwise the attack would be just the beginning of the war. The reactions of the international community are therefore intensifying every day. If the Ukrainians continue to fight well, the sum of both will bring down the aggressor. New Afghanistan for Russia.

DEMOKRACIJA: And for the end. Is this latest conflict in part due to last year’s reckless withdrawal of the US military and its allies from Afghanistan?

Grims: The whole world public accepted the chaotic departure, which reflected the great mistake of the left Biden, as a defeat, although NATO was not defeated on the battlefield even by chance. But the decision to attack Russia on Ukraine was based primarily on an assessment of the weakness of the leadership of the European Union and the United States.

This is the moment of realising that it is in Slovenia’s real interest that a strong personality is at the helm of the United States, whom his interlocutors consider and respect as such. Remember what kind of circus leftists were running in Slovenia just because Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša publicly supported the election of Donald Trump, warning that his opponent would be a very weak president.

It is now obvious to everyone that he defended the security interests of Slovenia and Europe! And everyone else who supported Donald Trump in that election, too! Security is ensured only by true, determined, and strong personalities with true values, i.e., statesmen who are respected by their interlocutors in the international community. Slovenia has that!

Mitja Grmovšek, M. B. 
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