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A Member Of The Former State Security Administration And A Violator Of Human Rights Have Taken Over The State Prosecutorial Council

At Tuesday’s inaugural meeting of the State Prosecutorial Council, the Supreme State Prosecutor Harij Furlan was elected as the new President and former Prosecutor-General Zvonko Fišer as the new Vice-President, the State Prosecutorial Council announced after the meeting. The six-year term of office of the current members of the Council expired on Monday.

The rule of law in Slovenia is entirely dependent on the cadres of the transitional left – that is, individuals who have not yet internalised the system of democracy and human rights and are personally linked to Slovenia’s “privatisers”, “banksters” and politicians. That is why there has not yet been a single high-profile case in the history of our country of a conviction of any of the well-known criminals.

It is no wonder that the level of the rule of law is so shamefully low when, more than 30 years after the collapse of the communist regime, the State Prosecutorial Council is being taken over by a former member of the State Security Administration of Yugoslavia (UDBA), Harij Furlan, and a persecutor of the clergy, Zvonko Fišer. It is a complete restoration of the former regime and a mockery of all the victims of the regime they served so loyally.

Who is Harij Furlan?

Harij Furlan is one of the proven cadres of the Slovenian left, having started his career in the State Security Administration, or UDBA, in the former Yugoslavia. Furlan, through his companies, also entered the economy after Slovenia gained its independence – as a supplier of medical equipment and technical devices. The State Security Administration’s economic model has been well exposed, and for more than a decade, the Furlan family’s company Primsell, which has been under public scrutiny for various controversial situations in the past, also operated according to this model. In 2016 and 2017, for example, the media exposed the company’s history of racketeering and the exorbitant prices for the supply of artificial hips to the hospital in Šempeter. Furlan claimed that he works impartially at the prosecutor’s office and in compliance with the law and the Constitution, and that he was not informed about the dealings of his brother, Aleš Furlan, because “no criminal charges have been brought against him and his company.”

Who is Zvonko Fišer?

In the 1970s and 1980s, Zvonko Fišer prosecuted, among others, two priests who erected a cross on the site of the communist massacre in Cerkno. These were priests Janez Lapajne and Stanislav Medvešček, who, in 1975, together with Amalia Jereb, commemorated the place of death with dignity. Their only fault was erecting a cross on the spot where the locals from Cerkno were killed. We have already reported that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office suspended Fišer in 2017, as he was also being prosecuted for alleged abuse of official position, which carries a prison sentence of up to one year. In 2012, shortly before the change of government, the outgoing Minister of Justice, Aleš Zalar, with the help of Fišer, appointed the then-State Secretary at the Ministry, Boštjan Škrlec, Director-General of the Prosecutor’s Office. Two months later, to return the favour, Fišer was acquitted and was allowed to return to his post.

The State Prosecutorial Council is composed of nine members. Four members are elected by the prosecutors from among their ranks, one member is appointed by the Minister of Justice, and four members are elected by the National Assembly on the proposal of the President of the Republic.

The leftists have completely usurped the State Prosecutorial Council

In November, the State Prosecutorial Council elected the new members – in addition to Furlan, Senior State Prosecutor Nadja Sovinc, District State Prosecutor Damir Kusić, and District State Prosecutor Ivan Pridigar were chosen from among the prosecutorial ranks. In addition to Fišer, the MPs elected Sam Bardutzky, associate professor at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law, former prosecutor Vlasta Nussdorfer, and Ivan Žaberl, the long-standing head of the District State Prosecutor’s Office in Celje.

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