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Wages could have been higher in January if there were no harmful Kul MPs

If the KUL MPs (SD, LMŠ, Levica, SAB and Nepovezani) had not opposed lower taxes on gross salaries and thus higher net salaries of all employees in the country, our salaries could have been higher as of January 1st.

Thus, Kul blocked the adoption of amendments to the Personal Income Tax Act in the National Assembly, thus preventing higher salaries for employees.

The ruling coalition prepared a proposal for lower tax burdens on wages some time ago, the approval process was then launched in parliament, and the law should have been approved in order to enter into force on January 1st, 2022.

The vote did not take place because the Levica submitted a request for a legislative referendum, while the other Kul MPs agreed and applauded.

The Prime Minister and President of the SDS party Janez Janša also reminded of this today. He posted a photo on social media and wrote:

“The salaries of all employees in Slovenia would have been higher this month (January 2022) if the MPs listed below had not delayed and harassed the adoption of the Personal Income Tax Act, which would enable this, in every possible way. The next time you search in your wallet, think of them.”

According to the coalition’s proposal, net salaries would increase gradually, until 2025, when each employee in the country would receive one net salary more. Migrant workers, who would pay lower income tax in Slovenia, would also be better off.

The reason for the higher net salaries is the proposal to raise the general allowance, which would gradually increase from the current 3,500 euros to 7,500 euros. And KUL opposed this.

Unfortunately, they are also supported by the leading trade unionists, who even left the Economic and Social Council (ESF) in May 2021 due to the government’s proposal for higher net wages, and then shouted that social dialogue is not working in Slovenia. The statement of Lidija Jerkič, president of the Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia (ZSSS) and the Trade Union of the Metal and Electrical Industry of Slovenia (SKEI), is also well-known. She stated that she opposes higher net wages, but that she cannot explain to workers why she is against them.


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