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With the common tactic of the “siren song,” the KUL coalition is pressuring the SMC deputies, who are receiving messages from “desperate citizens” to their e-mail addresses!

It seems that the deep state intends to put a lot of pressure on the SMC deputies, to vote for it in the event of a constructive vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Janez Janša. After the economist Jože P. Damijan left like a “whore leaving the dance,” to use his own words, and the self-proclaimed Constitutional Arch Coalition (referred to as “Koalicija ustavnega loka – KUL,” which translates to cool) found a new candidate for the position of Prime Minister – the DeSUS president Karl Erjavec, it still needs to find all 46 necessary votes of support in the National Assembly. And these are not coming up. The current targets are the SMC MPs.

President of the SMC party, Zdravko Počivalšek, recently announced that the party is united in not supporting Erjavec’s candidacy. Even though the SMC MP Branislav Rajić later stated that they were not as united as Počivalšek claimed, all indicators point to the KUL candidate not having enough support.

Since the votes in the DeSUS party are practically divided already, the votes from the SMC party will be the deciding ones. Therefore, the deep state decided to influence the decision of the SMC deputies through pressure and intimidation. At our editorial board, we received instructions for writing e-mails to the SMC deputies, and an agency was supposedly also hired, which will send messages to the SMC deputies from fake e-mail addresses.

One of the messages reads as follows:

“Dear Member of Parliament,

I am writing to you as a desperate citizen. The current situation in the country is chaotic, hostile and destructive. The communication of the government representatives is offensive to us citizens, laws are being passed, and regulations are being changed, which are destroying the democratic order of Slovenia.

I believe that you decided on your candidacy in order to contribute to the functioning of democracy and the rule of law. Right now, you have the power to actually realise this and say NO to the coalition that is breaking all the standards of the rule of law. With your action, you will support the efforts of 75 percent of the citizens, who do not support the current government.

You will say:

– NO to hatred

– NO to the exclusion

– NO to the abolition of media freedom

– NO to political reckoning with individuals

– NO to subordinating the police

– NO to the appointing of non-experts to management positions by adjusting the conditions of the tenders

For a free, democratic Slovenia that respects the rule of law!

The e-mail address of the SMC parliamentary group and the e-mail addresses of the SMC deputies are attached to the text.

The deep state is clearly willing to do just about anything to overthrow the legitimate centre-right government. This is a cowardly, left-wing tactic, being used to convince the SMC deputies that Janez Janša is to blame for all the problems. It is a kind of a “siren song,” which has been successfully used by all dictators: from Mao Zedong and Stalin to Fidel Castro and the Yugoslav Communists.

Janja Strah

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