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What Do The On-Call Critics of the Government Have to Say About This? Freedom House Estimated the Level of Freedom in Slovenia, and it is the Highest After 2017!

The American non-governmental organisation Freedom House has reissued a report on the level of freedom in the countries of the world. While it points out that for the 15th year in a row, there has been a decline in the level of freedom around the world, the data are extremely favourable for Slovenia. Namely, Slovenia scored 95 points on the scale by which they measure the level of freedom, which is our best result since 2017.

According to the latest data, the number of countries where the state of freedom has deteriorated is higher than the number of those whose situation improved. This difference was greatest after 2006 when they began to monitor this, and they decided what freedom trends you would like to have around the world.

Last year, nearly 75 percent of all people lived in countries where the situation worsened. In China, they noticed an increase in the number of global spreading of disinformation and censorship campaigns to address the poor management of the novel coronavirus outbreak, which makes it difficult to respond to quickly. Regarding China, people are also pointing to the suppression of human rights and freedoms in Hong Kong. According to the point scale, the least-free country is Syria, with one point, followed by South Sudan, Eritrea, and Turkmenistan with two points each.

What do the main critics have to say about that?
Finland, Norway and Sweden are at the top of the list of the freest countries, with 100 points each. Slovenia was awarded 95 points. The increase in the level of freedom in Slovenia refutes the claims of the opposition parties (SD , LMŠ and SAB) that there has been a decline.


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