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What did Gregor Golobič and Aleksander Čeferin do to the three deputies?

One cannot help but wonder what the failed politician Gregor Golobič, who is considered to be one of the main operatives of the deep state, and the UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin, wanted from the SMC MPs. According to our reliable sources close to the deputies Janja Sluga, Branislav Rajić and Igor Zorčič – the Speaker of the National Assembly, they both called them.

It is more than obvious that in this particular case, the communication was very unpleasant because the three MPs do not dare to talk about it. And that is why we decided to send all three of them the journalistic questions.

Gregor Golobič is considered to be the Slovenian politician that is the most obsessed with power. We have already reported that at the height of his political power, when the government was led by the now-failed LDS party, he controlled the economy, and even more so, the Slovenian media. He controlled the media with the flow of the advertising money from the monopoly state-owned companies. What is also interesting is that, despite the brutal interventions in the media, he has never been accused of interfering in editorial policies or attempts of political subordination by the Slovene Association of Journalists, the journalists or editors. Very few people actually warned about Golobič’s presumptuous interventions.

And Bogdan Biščak, who is considered to be the ideologue of extreme left-wing politics, is supposedly Golobič’s lackey. Biščak is a lawyer, and in the past, he was also the secretary of the Zares party. He operates at a slightly lower level, so he is also said to be in charge of communication with Jože P. Damijan, for whose mandate Marjan Šarec (LMŠ), Tanja Fajon (SD), Alenka Bratušek (SAB) and Luka Mesec (Levica) are gathering the votes.

Sara Kovač

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