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Was The Ninamedia Poll On Jews Compiled By Joseph Goebbels Himself?

In recent days, we have seen some public warnings about Ninamedia’s latest online survey, which asks respondents questions with clear anti-Semitic content – which belongs only to the darkest chapters of European history.

Respondents are asked to rate, on a scale of 1 to 5, their level of agreement with statements that form the core of anti-Semitic prejudice of a religious, political, economic, and other nature.

Respondents rated statements such as “It would make sense to limit the number of Jews in certain professions”; “There is a secret Jewish network that influences the political and economic situation in the world”; “The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the unforgivable sin of the Jews;” “Jews have too much of an influence in our country;” “Jewish intellectuals control the culture and the media;” “The suffering of Jews is god’s punishment,” and others.

The survey questions were revealed on the social network X by an online user with the username Margu501Marija. She also attached pictures of the aforementioned statements, along with a question that reads: “Would you say you like Jews or dislike Jews?”

The formers of public opinion

Ninamedia (in addition to Mediana) is considered to be the polling house of the Slovenian left. Its findings are published by media houses that fall under the umbrella of the transitional left. In the past, the agency has faced accusations that it is more in the business of generating public opinion than actually measuring it. In one case, the agency even got into a sarcastic debate with the leader of the opposition, Janez Janša, about the alleged manipulation of poll results. In this context, such questions are all the more frightening.

Anti-Semitism on the left

But it is also important to note the broader social context in which such questions could have arisen in the first place. In recent years, we have seen a strengthening of anti-Semitism on the left, where it has manifested itself mainly in the form of anti-Zionism. The far-left Left party (Levica) has been at the forefront of this. Writings implying the illegitimacy of the Jewish state, i.e. Israel, are a constant feature in most of the dominant media, both in the national media outlet and private media houses. It is also possible to define the manifestations of anti-Semitism more precisely.

The President of the Republic, Nataša Pirc Musar, for example, has still not condemned anti-Semitism on public service broadcasting RTV Slovenia, despite a warning from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. According to the information available, the government has prevented the screening of a film about the atrocities committed by the Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas, which was due to take place in Ljubljana. The screening was organised by the Israeli Embassy in cooperation with the Jewish Cultural Centre. The management of the latter cancelled the screening due to “technical problems” two hours before it was due to start. The announcement of the screening of the film was met with the greatest resistance from the Left party.

Ž. K.

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