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(VIDEO) New wisdom of Tanja Fajon: Initially against child testing, now she would like to introduce free testing

In the show Kdo vam laže, the host of the show Boris Tomašič commented on the initiative of Tanja Fajon, which was also signed by Milan Brglez, Irena Joveva, Klemen Grošelj, and Ljudmila Novak, and addressed it to the Minister of Health Janez Poklukar. Namely, they want to provide the people of Slovenia with free covid tests for crossing borders. “They really are socially sensitive, a commendable act. It is so nice that you take care of the citizens like that, this is a really big expense for the family. But, vaccination is free and then you do not need testing to cross the border,” said Tomašič.

Tomašič continues that these wise men take care of Slovenian citizens who cannot go to sea. “You’d better ask them to get vaccinated, and they will cross the border more easily.” And he reminded them that these same people were against testing children and “pushing sticks into their brains”“Now they are advocating to test them for free and put sticks in their noses. Start thinking. If someone does not want to be vaccinated, they should be tested, but if they do not want to be tested, they should be at home,” Tomašič is critical.

Regardless of conspiracy theories, vaccination is beneficial, the show’s host is convinced. “I can tell you that since I was vaccinated, the signal from the phone works much better for me. This chip they implant helps you with the signal. Where it did not work before, it works perfectly now. I receive 5G everywhere, it is worth installing,” Tomašič says cynically.

Representatives of “independent” institutions are concerned about democracy in Slovenia

RTV reported that representatives of four “independent” state bodies expressed their concern over democracy and pressure on ruling politicians in a letter. These are the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, the Court of Audit, the Ombudsman, and the Information Commissioner. “So Tomaž Vesel, the President of the Court of Audit, came forward, earning 250,000 euros in his spare time, without the permission of his employer. The president of the CPC, Robert Šumi, also came forward, who is credible, as he found in the decision that there is nothing wrong if the president of the Court of Audit earns another 250 thousand euros for a hobby. And although there is no evidence, Šumi is convinced that Vesel got the consent of the previous CPC president. Mojca Prelesnik, Information Commissioner, due to who we had complications regarding the registration of those who want to be vaccinated. And why Svetina came forward, it is not clear to me,” Tomašič was critical.

We know how this letter came about

The threat to democracy was also commented by Brane Golubovič from LMŠ, who said that the problem is not criticism, the problem is the attack on an independent and autonomous institution. “And it is unfortunate that after 30 years, it happens that four autonomous and independent institutions worn and turn to the public for help, because they have too much pressure from the governing policy. We might still believe if we did not know how this letter from “independent” institutions came about… It was written by Tomaž Vesel, which we published on our television before anyone signed it,” said Tomašič. “Then he sent this letter around, even to the Constitutional Court, which, thank God, they did not sign… This is not independent, if someone tells you, sign it.”

“This is a political game; this is no longer an independent institution”

It is appalling, however, that such manipulations and direct interference in politics are going on. “This is a political game, this is no longer an independent institution,” Tomašič is convinced. And then the intellectual Golubovič, a member of the non-cult party of Marjan Šarec, says that “it is not about criticism, but about pressure”“Where is the difference? The president of CPC Šumi says that 20 thousand euros a month is not a profitable activity. Do we have the right to criticise him? Because if it is not a lucrative business, I do not know what it is!” Not to mention Prelesnik, “who out of pure malice bureaucratically blocked the records of those who wanted to be vaccinated. It is a pity for her to sign anything because she is not credible”, concluded Tomašič.

Anita Gužvić

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