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Vesna V. Godina Is Calling On The “Centres Of Power” To Replace The Prime Minister

“I think it would be wise for the centres of power in Slovenia to look for an alternative prime minister, whoever they are,” Vesna Vuk Godina, who was one of Robert Golob’s biggest supporters before the elections, said on Thursday’s episode of the show Tarča (Target). The government rift and the fact that the Prime Minister’s allies have turned their backs on him has already been quietly talked about in the past, but today, it can no longer be hidden.

“In any case, the government as a whole is acting unprofessionally,” even Vesna Vuk Godina, who had high hopes for Robert Golob before the elections to the National Assembly, was critical of Golob’s government. But as it turns out – her hopes were in vain. She admitted what the Slovenian public had already assumed or knew, namely that Golob was chosen by the centres of power not because of his competence, but as an exclusive “tool” against former Prime Minister Janez Janša.

The host of the show Tarča, Erika Žnidaršič, reminded Vuk Godina that she herself had been a supporter of Golob in the run-up to the elections, but nowadays, she is accusing him of acting in totalitarian ways. “Well, yes, look, before the elections, the situation was what it was. It was a question of whether or not the period of Janez Janša’s rule would continue, with all the consequences and characteristics that we know in the context of Janšaism,” Vuk Godina said. Based on what she said, it was possible to come to the well-known conclusion – or rather, a fact – namely, that Golob was exclusively a tool to “fight” against the former Prime Minister and that the support he received was not based on the assumption that Golob was capable of running the country.

Who elects the Prime Minister?

“Are the old forces already looking for a new Robert Golob, and who do you think these old forces are?” the host of the show then asked Vuk Godina. The latter replied that she did not have enough information to answer the question fully, but that she thought “it would be wise for the centres of power in Slovenia to look for an alternative Prime Minister, whoever they may be.” Article 111 of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia states that “the Prime Minister shall be elected by the National Assembly by a majority of the votes of all the members of the National Assembly, unless otherwise provided for by the Constitution,” but this is clearly not the case here. While Vuk Godina says that she cannot define who these “centres of power” are, she believes that they are the ones who will or will not find the new Prime Minister.

Under Golob’s leadership, the government will not get to the end of its mandate

Today, Vuk Godina believes that the opposite of what she used to believe is true. Namely, she said that Golob “wants to govern in a totalitarian way,” which is unacceptable in politics. “Not only is he showing some totalitarian characteristics, he is also showing some strongly narcissistic characteristics and also strongly choleric characteristics – and the combination of all this does not seem to be the most productive for a prime minister,” said Vuk Godina, who concluded that it was time for reflection, not only for him, but also for his party, the Freedom Movement (Gibanje svoboda), which should find a way to bring the coalition to the end of its mandate. “I seriously doubt that this is possible under the leadership of Robert Golob.”

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