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Under the government of Robert Golob, Slovenia regressed in terms of economic freedom

You will not find this information in the media mainstream, or very rarely. They are just not in line with the editorial policies, which give space to socialist frontmen, who are threatening that Slovenia is increasingly a country of unbridled capitalism. Well, the Heritage Foundation’s Annual Index of Economic Freedom (2023) shows that the country is heading in just the opposite direction. Compared to the contribution of Janez Janša, Slovenia under the government of Robert Golob is regressing on the scale of economic freedom.

Anyway, the American Analytical Foundation, which ranks countries according to economic freedom, on which the prosperity of each country also depends, calculates the index using four categories, in which there are three parameters: rule of law (property rights, integrity of the state, efficiency of the judiciary), leanness of the state (government spending, tax burdens, fiscal health), regulation (business freedom, labour freedom, and monetary freedom) and market freedom (trade freedom, investment freedom, financial freedom). Each parameter is evaluated with points (from zero to 100) and the average is calculated.

It should be noted that this index is not the same as the index calculated by the Fraser Institute of Canada, which publishes a report on economic freedom in the world. But it is similar, as the results are almost identical.

Slovenia ranked 37th out of 176 countries and has slipped five places compared to 2022. The best ranked are Singapore, Switzerland, Ireland, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Estonia, at the very bottom are Slovenian leftists’ favourite countries, such as Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea. Slovenia is coloured yellow, which means that it is a moderately economically free country. More or less, it scored more than 50 points in all parameters, with the worst performance in judicial efficiency (48.5), government integrity (44.8), and financial freedom (48.9).

From the data of the Heritage Foundation, we can conclude that there is no liberal capitalism in Slovenia. Not only here, but also in the USA, which ranked the worst so far (25th place), even though the USA is still considered the greatest neoliberal evil among its domestic comrades (see the ranking below).

With this ranking, the Slovenian leftists and the media mainstream that favours them, which otherwise regularly publishes the rankings of various non-governmental organisations – almost all of them in turn financed by George Soros and (see the video below) his Open Society foundation – have two problems that are visible to the naked eye, and you do not have to be Einstein to recognise them.

The first is that the comrade claims that the free market or deregulated capitalism is to blame for the problems in healthcare, the economy and everywhere else. Which, of course, is contrary to what the results of the calculation of the index of economic freedom show.

Their second problem (perhaps an even bigger one) is that the results reveal that greater economic freedom (higher ranking) brings prosperity and a higher quality of life to citizens. In other words: the greater the economic freedom, ….

Kavarna Hayek

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