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Tomaž Vesel Is Just Another Anti-Janša Petty Politician Without a Concept

“Instead of dealing with a hundred or more open questions that we need answers to, we are dealing with individuals, or, if I may be precise, with just a few individuals, or even a single individual, and this energy has been dragging on since 1991,” the President of the Court of Audit, Tomaž Vesel, said in Thursday’s episode of the show Tarča (Target), regarding the topic of new political initiatives and faces, emphasising his belief that we should bid farewell to the people who fought for our independence. These people are known to be a problem for the Socialists – the people who have kidnapped the country and have been leading it for the last 30 years, and with his statement, Vesel basically explained to the public that he is no different from all of the other “new faces” who built their politics on the programme “as long as it is not Janšaand on the idea of filling their own pockets.

In the latest episode of the RTV show, a debate on new political initiatives took place. Tomaž Vesel, the President of the Court of Audit and the afternoon worker at FIFA, is also among those who are considered to be a “new” face in the Slovenian public. He did not present a new vision or an alternative to the current policy because, like most representatives of the transitional left, he is only a man without a concept and an “anti-Janša” man. With his statement, he proved that he is just another individual who believes that the source of most of the problems in the country is the fact that Janez Janša is in power, who won the parliamentary election in 2018 with the most votes among all of the candidates in the election, and in just a year, he and his government have moved things further than the previous left-wing government have managed to do in a full decade. However, Vesel does not find it problematic that the networks of the deep state, which, of course, have a much longer history than the people who fought for our independence, have been dominating the most important spheres of public life for a long time now, which has resulted in no changes, as that is simply not in the deep state’s best interest.

Considering that the President of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia has also been mentioned in the search for a new face on the political stage, Vesel was asked what would attract him and get him to enter politics. He initially pointed out that this is a difficult question. “It is not easy for a reasonable person to make such a decision. Especially under the circumstances we have in Slovenia. So far, I just haven’t thought about it, I never really saw myself in those roles. What would be the thing that changes that for me? Maybe these constant appeals that someone will just have to do it. I don’t see myself in that, I would rather give preference to some content than personal decisions.”

“However, it is a fact that Slovenia is currently in a very unenviable political, conceptual position; we are in a stalemate, the likes of which we have never seen before,” Vesel said, adding that he works in a place that is quite exposed publicly and in the media sphere. According to Vesel, a certain part of the coalition is trying extremely hard to present him as an enemy of the state. He says that he never was and never will be one. “With this, they are doing me a favour in a way – one which I have never asked for,” he said.

He did not deny the possibility of his candidacy
Vesel did not give a concrete answer about his candidacy, nor did he deny it. However, he undoubtedly used the conversation on public television to further reinforce the belief that some people should withdraw from Slovenian politics. “Instead of dealing with a hundred or more open questions that we need answers to, we are dealing with individuals, or, if I may be precise, with just a few individuals, or even a single individual, and this energy has been dragging on since 1991. Therefore, we will have to say goodbye to those who fought for our independence, in some way, for the first time – in an elegant, cultural, grateful way. In a way, we will have to become independent from those who fought for our independence.” He went on to say that he is aware of the fact that this is likely to be painful.

With the departure of those who fought for our independence, a field is supposed to be established that creates new energies?!
“This can be done in a very elegant and cultural way, so that the idea, which was at the time, and still is of great importance for Slovenia, is poured into bronze, written in history textbooks so that we turn to these people with gratitude. After all, the thirtieth anniversary of our independence is a good opportunity to think about how to withdraw from them elegantly.” According to Vesel, this is the only way for a field to be established, in which new energies could be created, and new generations could breathe. In response to Vesel’s words, Prime Minister Janša stated that he was not exactly original in his ideas. “The first to propose that was Colonel Milan Aksentijević on behalf of the Yugoslav People’s Army 30 years ago, then Roman Jaklič on behalf of the wounded LDS party, then Slobodan Milošević, and then in 2012, Danilo Tūrk as well. All of them are already in the “past,” and Tomaž is happily following in their footsteps.”

For decades now, the deep state has had our country in its grip, as it has great influence, and the capital is crucial for that. Recently, we have been able to witness the practice of choosing the so-called new face before the elections, which is then marketed as an independent face, someone who thinks differently, who has fresh energy, who is not burdened by the past, and so on. Either way, in the end, sooner or later, it turns out that the face is neither new nor unburdened. So how is this supposed to bring us any new energy at all? Thus, we are witnessing the continuation of the continuity of the old, with the only difference being the change of the actor who presents himself in the foreground. The background, however, remains the same. Networks that are latched onto sources of funding are helped by the mainstream media, which is selling the story of how Janez Janša is to blame for everything that is wrong in our country. All with the intention of covering up the reason why the problems remain unresolved for so long.

Sara Kovač

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