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The year of revelations: Levica, the extremist party, for which Slovenia is not the preferred option

Thank you, 2020. We will not forget you, even though the memory will be painful. Welcome, 2021. We hope you will bring us better prospects, even though your beginning will be modest, and you are still carrying on the legacy of COVID-19. But every beginning fills us with the hope that things will get better. So, I am looking forward to a new number on the calendar!

It is difficult to write about last year. There is not much good we can say about it. And yet, in all its annoyance, it can be a source of insights that can serve us well. I call these insights revelations. All those who are still using their heads were able to notice some things again this year, that may have gone a bit blurry in three decades of freedom and democracy.

Leftists, the heirs of the League of Communists of Slovenia, have not internalised the democracy in 2020 either
For them, democracy is a synonym for “we are in power.” And now that they are in the opposition, they are hysterically and with all possible means (pressure through media, lies, bribery, threats, infiltrations into political parties, as well as strong perseverance when they are let go), trying to undermine the stability of the current authorities. They are not bothered by the fact that they are also pushing the country into instability and chaos with their actions. Such conditions seem like they were tailor-made for them, as they find it easiest to fish in muddy waters. The main point of a democratic system is the internal acceptance of those who think differently, who unite in political groups and compete in elections, the point is not to see them as an enemy, but as a rival. Whoever wins the election, has the right to rule. And those that are part of the opposition make sure that there is no corruption and cooperate with the government, so that the country is governed in peace and justice, which means that honest citizens can live a good life. However, today’s opposition is not capable of doing any of this.

The fact that they have still not accepted democracy is also evidenced by them bowing to Kidrič, which was an event, marked by the SD members this year. This could be compared to a scenario, in which the Germans were worshipping Hitler today. Well, there is one difference – they do not have a single monument of him. Our tyrant, however, has his very own monument in front of the Presidential palace and the central cultural institution!

When Šarec unexpectedly resigned in January, in a moment of enlightenment, he enabled the formation of the current coalition. He dismissed his former companions, with whom they were constantly bickering, before they were prepared to leave. Apparently, they have been afraid ever since then, that at least some of their friendly contracts and other indecencies would come to light. From the moment they started talking about a normal government, they began labelling any such conversation with the classic leftist technique of disqualification and demonisation. How many times have we heard their two curse words, the first one being “fascism,” and the second one being “Orbanism.” Janšaism was also invented after that. However, these are illusions that can only be seen by those who are blinded by fear. None of this is true. The truth is that the government is currently much more plural than it was a year ago. It is also better; there is no doubt about that. It is difficult to know that Janša’s government is operational and that it is doing very well in its efforts to overcome the second wave of the epidemic, because the mainstream media does not mention this – ever. Smart!

The caste of the privileged
Last year, we realised that we really do have a caste of privileged people, who are receiving great amounts of money from the state budget. In doing so, they are as resourceful as only a thief can be. They call themselves cultural workers, non-governmental organisation employees, experts, but they are all state mercenaries. Who would have thought that they are also receiving millions from the “undistributed income tax,” and from a ministry that has nothing to do with NGOs? Who would have thought that there are thousands of those, to whom the state generously gives the status of “cultural worker,” and thus enables sweet idleness? A little here, a little there, and the 300 million are soon distributed. No wonder it’s impossible to balance the budget.

This realisation is painful because we are all paying for this new class, from which we are only getting headaches and unreasonable things, such as the LGBT agenda and gender theory, that are destroying the very structure of our civilisation.

When professionalism is understood as leftism
We learned that leftists have been hiring people based on their political views for a very long time now. It does not matter how bad you are; what matters is that you are ours. Of course, they are smart enough – because they really are intelligent, very intelligent, at that! – to always maintain the appearance of democracy and pluralism with the logic of “one to you, one hundred to me,” but they carefully maintain the majority and then use it in their ideological ways. Thus, they abused the Administrative Court this year, which has lost its good reputation, but we do not want to lose any more words to talk about the Administrative Court… the judiciary is politicised, because none of its members are ashamed to “wear a red star,” and they are even less ashamed of the fact that the European Court of Human Rights is accusing them of human rights violations.
Instead of dismissing such judges because they are unprofessional and they violate human rights with their rulings, they raise them up and praise them, and above all, they defend them and pretend that everything is fine. The services of the ombudsman, the information commissioner and the commissioner for equal opportunities are also politicised… all three are unanimously, under the guise of the profession, supporting the left-wing ideology that is anti-democratic and anti-normal. As the Committee on Culture stated in the National Assembly: “Political staffing must be stopped.” They put it so nicely. All the staffing of the left-wing governments was political, and professionalism was understood as leftism.

We also received confirmation that the Levica party (the Left) is an extremist party, for which Slovenia is not the preferred option. Its power is in young people who are brought up in a way that makes everything that is Slovenian, democratic, spring, right-wing, automatically “political” to them, meaning – negative. The leftism, on the other hand, is a natural state and so they are in favour of it. However, leftism does not seem to work anywhere, and it only brings poverty. This year, 15,000 young people have said goodbye to Slovenia and left, not for Venezuela, but for the neo-capitalist West.

The unbalanced media landscape is creating a myth, claiming that the government communicates poorly with the public
It has once again become crystal clear that the media landscape is severely one-sided, biased and like-minded throughout. RTV Slovenija and POP TV, with an orchestra of pygmy media, have lied to us this year, produced scandals, spread panic and bad mood, sown discord over and over again, and provided access to screens and microphones to the same people who incite hatred and criticism, over and over again. Sometimes it seems as if the editorial boards of both media outlets have joint meetings and agree on how and with what news they will spread their leftist agenda. There is hope that the new owner of the commercial television will somehow balance things out. Because of this imbalance, a myth lives among us, that the government communicates poorly with the public.

However, no one thinks about whether the media is providing a distorted image and malicious interpretations of the already rapidly changing response to the epidemic, or why we are all tired and in a bad mood, if not because of the mainstream media, which has been cultivating this situation for the past 10 months.

2020 is the year we fought the epidemic, despite the leftists. Because of their counterpropaganda, which serves them well in their fight for power beyond the election, we are failing. And yet the disease has not yet defeated us! Here you can clearly see what the fifth column actually means. Perseverance is needed in the fight against the epidemic. We need to be aware of the fact that we will not see results for a few weeks still, and that it will then take a long time, maybe ten years, of living wisely and modestly, in order to maintain a dignified life, freedom and democracy, which are being threatened by the hegemons from the background.

Last year has also brought us many other insights. Everyone can find their own revelation – a personal one, relating to their family, village or the nation and state, that will help them understand our space and time. Thank you, 2020. We will not forget you, even though the memory will be painful. Welcome, 2021. We hope you will bring us better prospects, even though your beginning will be modest, and you are still carrying on the legacy of COVID-19. But every beginning fills us with the hope that things will get better. So, I am looking forward to a new number on the calendar!

Andrej M. Poznič, Časnik

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