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The Success Of The Government’s Open Door Policy – The Number Of Illegal Migrants Is Three Times Higher Than Last Year

After our Prime Minister Robert Golob failed to convince the Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer not to extend border controls at the Slovenian border last week, which are in place because of the masses of migrants coming to Slovenia, the police published a report on Monday on illegal migration in our country in the first five months of this year. The latter clearly shows that Slovenia’s open-door policy towards migrants has been a great success. The number of arrivals is increasing month by month. In the latest report, the police wrote: “In the period from the 1st of January 2023 to the 31st of May 2023, 15,456 illegal entries into the country were processed (in the same period in 2022, we processed 5,108 illegal entries).”

In the past, the change from one year to the next was usually described with percentages, too. This time, they apparently wanted to avoid saying that we are experiencing a threefold increase compared to last year. The vast majority of all these migrants are entering our country from Croatia via the Balkans, and what is new compared to last year is the increase in the number of migrants from Russia, who are most likely fleeing conscription to avoid the war in Ukraine, which Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to occupy in a matter of days with a special military operation, but whose plan completely backfired because of his underestimation of Ukraine. More than a year later, a fierce and bloody war is still underway, in which the Ukrainians are trying to drive the Russian occupiers from their territories. In addition to the migrants from Russia, the number of migrants from Morocco is also drastically higher compared to last year.

The data published by the police show how the number of migrants detected by the police has increased each month (some of them cross our country without being noticed, they are not included in the statistics), but the numbers are very approximate, and I have done the calculations myself, based on the totals that are still being published by the police for longer periods. The number of migrants in the published data is being reduced by the police.

Protests against returning migrants and covert rapes and violence

The need to keep the borders as open as possible and to prevent the state from returning migrants to Croatia is strongly advocated in Slovenia by a section of NGOs, as well as by MPs on the left, who occasionally protest against the police trying to return migrants to our neighbouring country. Following the latest such protests, information has appeared in the media about previously concealed rapes committed by migrants. In June, we learned of three such cases which took place in May. Since the police are withholding information from the public (by not informing the media) about the rape cases that have been discovered, it cannot be ruled out that there have been more. Similarly, the police do not, as a rule, inform the public about acts of violence and theft involving migrants.

Peter Jančič, Spletni Časopis

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