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The New RTV Leadership Has Turned The National Media Outlet Into The Media Service Of Hamas

The Programme Council of the national media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS) is composed of representatives of the far-left NGO scene. This is no surprise, of course, since it was formed as such by another NGO from their milieu – the Legal Network for Protection of Democracy (Pravna mreža za varstvo demokracije). But the government, together with the media, sold it as “depoliticisation”. However, the bloody massacre of Israeli civilians by Palestinian terrorists has clearly shown what extremist circles the new councillors come from.

Last week, several civil society organisations sent a letter to Prime Minister Robert Golob and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Tanja Fajon, calling for the immediate withdrawal of Slovenia’s statements of support for Israel. At the same time, the signatories believe we should end economic and political cooperation with Israel and recognise Palestine as an independent state.

The first signatory is the Movement for Palestinian Rights, and the list of the other 42 signatories includes the Peace Institute (Mirovni inštitut), Today is a New Day (Danes je nov dan), PIC – The Legal Centre for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment (Pravni center za varstvo človekovih pravic in okolja), the Humanitas association, Slovenian Philanthropy, Youth for Climate Justice (Mladi za podnebno pravičnost) and Umanotera.

They called on the Slovenian government to immediately withdraw its “support for Israel’s occupation policy”. Israel is violating international law and the Palestinians’ right to exist, they wrote. They wrote to the government that “we should not forget the root cause of violence in the region – Israel’s policy of apartheid, ethnic cleansing, colonisation and total military control over the Palestinian population.” They have even called for a withdrawal of support and an end to economic cooperation with Israel.

These are, of course, typical Hamas PR catchwords, with false claims of apartheid and the lie that Israel does not allow the Palestinians to exist (recognition has been offered to them several times, but each time, it has been refused if it were not accompanied by an exodus of Jews from Israel).

But there are even worse absurdities: the Slovenian government is being asked to embargo a country that has just suffered a terrorist attack, while recognising the state entity that launched the terrorist attack. This is a subtle promotion of pan-Arab terrorism, which is practically written into the genes of the Slovenian left – remember that Palestinian terrorists hid from the USA in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The “depoliticised” RTV is the media service of Hamas

But what is even worse is that this very far left is also represented in the Programme Council of RTV. The Chairman of the Council, Goran Forbici, is one of the epicentres of Slovenian open borders far leftism, having been the Director of the Centre for Information, Cooperation and Development of NGOs and also an associate of one of the co-signatories – the Peace Institute. Can a man who comes from circles that support Arab terrorism (and Arab fascism as well) head the Programme Council of RTV Slovenia? A national media paid for by everyone – including Slovenians of the Jewish faith?

The results are already clear to everyone. The reporting on the news shows Dnevnik (Daily News) and Odmevi (Echoes) is appallingly one-sided; guests who present only a Palestinian view of the crisis are being invited to the shows, and the MMC web portal has practically turned into a promotional bulletin for Hamas. They were one of the few media outlets not to report on the crimes of Arab terrorists against Israeli children, and even wrote an article saying that the reports were unconfirmed. The Programme Council has obviously completely subordinated the content to its own ideological views. The letter from the 42 organisations represents not only the Slovenian far-left activist scene, but also, now, the public institution RTV Slovenia.

I. K.

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