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The New President Of The RTV Council Is An Apologist Of Communist Crimes

Goran Forbici, the Director of the CNVOS Centre of Slovenian NGOs, recently became the President of the Programme Council of the national media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS). He is a kind of “capo di tutti capi” of the left-wing NGOs buried deep in the comfort of the taxpayer-funded budget.

Who is Goran Forbici? First and foremost, he is a businessman who realised early on that NGOs promoting egalitarianism and quasi-social justice are a goldmine for siphoning off public money. Every worker who has spent at least 600 euros on contributions at the end of the month has also financed Forbici and his caviar socialist lifestyle. Namely, Forbici runs the CNVOS Centre of Slovenian NGOs, which is a kind of umbrella network for all Slovenian far-left NGOs, one of them also being the Peace Institute (Mirovni inštitut), which has received millions of euros from the state over the years.

As an expert in getting his hands on taxpayers’ money, Goran has a worldview to go with it, which he has repeatedly shown in the past in his blogs, public posts for the far-left 8th of March Institute (Inštitut 8. marec), and also Facebook posts. It would be easy to say that he is an incognito communist pretending to be an activist socialist. Although it would be difficult to distinguish him from the extremists of the Left party (Levica), he recently declared on his Facebook page that the Social Democrats party (Socialni demokrati – SD) is once again the most left-wing parliamentary party after eight years. “Well done, the Left party, for moving sharply to the centre. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t read it. The BMWs and chauffeurs apparently work miracles,” he wrote.

What can we expect from a man for whom the extreme Left party, which strives for workers’ self-management and the abolition of private property, is the “political centre”? Nothing but pure, unfiltered communism.

On his blog, he has previously published one of the most brilliant apologetic explanations of communist crimes in history. As Forbici argues, the crimes of the communists were merely a tool of the revolution, something instrumental which is not an end in itself, “whereas Nazi fascism carried out its crimes as something demanded by its own internal logic, for something that in fact is its own logic.”

According to the logic of the new President of the Programme Council, communist crimes are justifiable

But let us leave aside the fact that logic is at odds with reality here, for with communism, even more than with Nazi-fascism, it is noticeable that the criminality of the regime is the central theme of the ideology, since nobody would willingly leave their private property, which they had worked hard for by themself, to illiterate pub-goers with bayonets in their hands, so instead, these people would have to get to other people’s property exclusively by means of violence. It is more important to follow Forbici’s original logic of justifying crimes:

In his opinion, we need to get rid of people “deemed dangerous enough.” And under such conditions, crimes become justified. If we follow the internal consistency of his thought, the cries of “Kill Janša!” at the political-cycling protests become much clearer. It is a question of identifying people whom the communists consider “sufficiently dangerous” or about whom they think that the victim deserved a miserable death on the basis of his or her “activity and actions”. For the communists, if you had more property than the rest, that was a legitimate activity that deserved the death penalty. But with the coalition that Forbici will represent as if he is their own PR representative in the broadcasting industry, it is also increasingly clear that it is everyone who earns anything above the average wage who could be targeted.

He was promoted by the 8th of March Institute

Reading these lines will probably give you the chills, especially if you keep in mind the fact that this dangerous political activist and NGO “turbo-capitalist” will be in charge of the programme orientations of the 120-million-euros-worth RTV Slovenia. Yet he cynically claims that he is non-political and that his leadership of the Programme Council of RTV is the beginning of this institution’s depoliticisation. This also makes it easier to understand why the political parties of the coalition, especially the Left party, are the ones most looking forward to “depoliticisation,” given that Forbici is a regular guest on the far-left quasi-feminist platform, the 8th of March Institute.

As we know, the 8th of March “Research Institute” was founded by Simon Maljevac – a radical member of the Left party, who is also a Minister in the new government. The 8th of March Institute is, therefore, a de facto street organ of the Left party, and what is important here, above all, is that it is this institute that has significantly helped the left-wing political parties to victory in all the referendums as well as in the elections. The political bodies were, therefore, the platform for the “depoliticisation” of RTV Slovenia.

These are new times

So, what is in store for us on the television channels of the national broadcaster, under the baton of a totally politically biased man who thinks that the crimes of the Communists are justified because they were dedicated to a higher cause? Business as usual, one might say. Those who remember RTV from about two years ago will already know why this is the case: every Monday, an elderly hippie with a grey ponytail will remind us why capitalism is bad. The show “Tednik” (Weekly) will broadcast tragic stories, the origins of which will be solely in the profits of entrepreneurs. Igor E. Bergant and Tanja Starič will once again, alone in their ideological idyll, lead the show “Odmevi” (Echoes) in their own way and biasedly present the incompetent left as the victim of the right-wing opposition. Anti-capitalist French documentaries with a 3.0 rating on IMBD will be screened again.

Perhaps the only difference will be that now even the 5 percent of votes of journalists who think a little differently from the “party” will be gone: it is not yet clear whether Igor Pirkovič will be able to keep his show. It is also not yet clear whether the show “Pričevalci” (Witnesses) will still be broadcast (beware, political activists have already started demanding that it be cancelled!). The same goes for the famous show “Intervju” (Interview) on Sundays and the question of whether or not it will continue to be hosted by journalist Jože Možina. Probably not. All that will really happen is that Forbici will turn RTV Slovenia from a 95 percent left-wing-activist television into a 100 percent left-wing-activist television under the leadership of a communist apologist.

Andrej Žitnik

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