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The Migrants Roaming Freely All Over Ljubljana Are All Young Men; The Citizens Are Increasingly Concerned

Slovenia may have been spared the problems of mass migration that have plagued Western Europe for the past few decades, but under the current left-liberal government, we seem to be “catching up” to other multicultural societies, where the population is confronted with the migrant problem on a daily basis. Compared to the previous year, illegal migration had increased by more than 260 percent by the end of September, and 48,076 illegal border crossings had been recorded before the 15th of October of this year. Although the police are clearly trying to cover up migrants’ crimes and only disclose them to the public if they receive press enquiries about specific incidents, concerned citizens are all the more vocal about these incidents.

In the area of Ljubljana’s Vič, in particular, where the asylum centre is located, there have been numerous incidents lately, and citizens there are increasingly concerned about their property and safety. Illegal migrants roam freely around Ljubljana, and the crime rate in Vič has increased from nine to 59 percent of all crimes in Ljubljana.

The very worrying increase in irregular migration trends has also been highlighted by many on social media. One of the people who have recently spoken online about this topic is also Robert Plut, who posted a video of migrant groups walking around on Facebook, saying: “Crazy! I can’t be quiet anymore, hence this post!” As the statistics and police reports show, the migrants are mostly young men, as the Facebook user also pointed out: “Not a single woman, not a single old man, not a single child!!!! Just guys in their 20s and 30s, with fresh haircuts, dressed, with phones, taking selfies and smiling, walking around in groups all day and night… I know first-hand, I watch them every day, literally every day.” In light of all this, he wonders, “Whose army is this?”

He went on to write that this is a “flood of illegal migrants, caught at the border and elsewhere,” who are “brought to Ljubljana for free,” where they are fed, clothed, given haircuts and then released to move freely around the capital. “They are brought in by buses every day … and every night, usually around two or three o’clock at night. This is done on purpose! A few years ago, this was exactly where refugees – women with children, elderly people walked … now it’s just young people in their prime, a veritable army. And then you wonder why the popularity of the far right is rising in Europe,” he wrote.

Opposition to migration is growing

The people of Ljubljana are clearly fed up with the current situation in Vič and in the centre of Ljubljana, where more and more migrants are committing heinous crimes – from rapes to robberies. This was recently highlighted by a symbolic action by a group of patriots calling for a more effective migration policy and the systematic return of migrants to their home countries.

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