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The leftists are using the greatest hardship in Slovenian history to take over the power!

The recent event in Kranj, where the health inspectorate wrote up, but not yet punished the offender for non-compliance with the regulations, was described as repression by the man in question. He claimed he was written up simply because he was eating a croissant. RTV Slovenija, which does not miss any opportunity to ridicule and harm the government, has given this case a whole lot of publicity. The editorial board knowingly lied and spread ideological intolerance, as well as consciously encouraged people to not follow the measures. However, the man in question was, in fact, not written up because he was eating on the street – which is, by the way, considered uncultured, and can also be life-threatening during an epidemic. He was written up for not wearing a mask, not because of a croissant. And then we are surprised to find out that Slovenia is not a country following the rule of law. How can it be any different, when the RTV Slovenija, which we all have to pay for, encourages and defends intolerance, which is even unconstitutional! The hypocrisy of RTV leadership does not take the fact that we all have to pay for the media outlet into account. Instead, it is carrying out a kind of virtual privatization, where, in the name of journalistic freedom, they can afford to do everything, but are not responsible for anything.

The fine really is disproportionate. But it was already disproportionate before. If they were really this moral and fair, they would have advocated for the appropriate “morality” of the law beforehand. The fine should be proportional to the salary or property of the person getting fined, but in our country, fines are actually one of the forms of robbing the poor and protecting the rich. Nevertheless, laws and regulations must be respected, and we can also advocate for their mitigation, question their meaning, or advocate for their abolition. But in no case, and in no system, this is not and cannot be repression. A wonderful example of how the leadership or the clique around the “general” understands the rule of law. In this case, they are offering us a concrete argument as to why they are overthrowing the current government – in any case. Among other things, they are also disturbed by the rule of law. This allows us to understand why they behave the way they do.

There is no doubt that this is a total war between the RTV and the current government and its voters and supporters. In recent weeks, even the elementary school students have been encouraged to become part of it – the younger ones. We heard things, such as: they understand what resignation is, and the government does not. Then they even sent Bergant to the show, who professionally tried to convince the high school students of how perfect the journalists are. Not to mention the Radio Gaga show. The television has practically engaged anything and everything in its defence. It is also very successful in informing the international circles about their lies, and they are falling for it. They continue to cite the lie that the government is persecuting critical journalism. That it is pressuring the editorial boards. It would be nice if the editors of the children’s, cultural and other shows that continue to repeat this, presented any sort of arguments to prove their claims. Since there are none, we see that it is only the famous variant 571. The government and all of us who support it are not against the clique in the RTV leadership because of its criticism, but we are against subordinating criticism to ideology, partisanship, and ideological appropriation in the name of freedom of journalistic work. Claiming that lies, tendencies, and party activism are symbols of the freedom of journalism is a global innovation, similar to Kardelj’s self-management. According to him, capitalism was the exploitation of man through man, and communism was just the opposite, in the name of the working class and the socialist democracy.

What is happening at the RTV very much reflects the spirit of Slovenian klepto-communists. They claim that they did not carry out a revolution at all during the last world war, that they were not partisans, but only resistance fighters, that they fought against the occupier, Nazism, that they were merely and only part of the anti-fascist coalition. This is an extremely transparent lie, where anti-fascism is replaced by the phrase fight for democracy. Thus, the Soviet Union, which contributed the lion’s share in terms of human casualties in the last world war, did not occupy that many countries, did not settle the score with the democrats (Warsaw Uprising), did not replace democrats (Czech Republic) and forced its governments, brought from Moscow, to positions. All of this was pure anti-fascism. It is not a coincidence that we all feel that Slovenia was the most Stalinist, but the new thing is that RTV became the bearer of these Stalinist methods.

Some of the counter-revolutionaries also opposed independence
Years ago, RTV tried to present people with different views, as part of various public opinion broadcast and the like. For some time now, this has not been the case anymore. As the representative of public opinion, they most often represent a man who, for reasons known only to him, switched from being Abel and became Cain. The situation is similar to when the late Janez Stanovnik was supposed to represent the Christian Socialists, who already knew in 1942 that he had jumped under Kidrič’s protection. For RTV, the only people who know anything, are the professors of the Faculty of Social Sciences, led by Splichal and Milosavljevič. Others are a “tabula rasa” for them. And do not even think about the people who do not share their opinion and have greater knowledge! The old ancient principle that the other side must be heard in order to truly understand the situation is too much for their anti-repressive strain. True revolutionaries, deniers of humanism and civilization. This is the authority that their constitutional arch is striving for. Apparently, Janković‘s morale is marching again. It is no coincidence that those who knelt down and begged him to take over the power are among the bearers of the anti-government madness.

We are witnessing a kind of “counter-revolution” in Slovenia, the content of which is the return of the “written off.” It is no coincidence that Rado Bohinc, who actively worked against Slovenian independence as the vice-president of Markovič’s party, is at the top of the movement against the current government. It is no coincidence that Ivan Svetlik, who is the person most to blame for the current situation of the elderly, as he was the key minister who should have addressed social affairs, is also part of this movement, not to mention the Ministers of Health, including the current one, who did nothing to ensure that health care would have been properly educated in due time. They are fighting for the welfare state, based on the opportunities, given to them by one of the richest entrepreneurs. This is all purely an ideology, a struggle for the money brought in by the new major construction work, and the European money for the fight against the pandemic and for the demographic fund. Everything else is bluffing, which is celebrating the centenary of its existence in Slovenia these days.

During World War II, they used the fight against the occupier to take over the power. Now, they see the pandemic as an opportunity. They are using the greatest hardship in Slovenian history to take over the power. Some things never change.

Stane Granda, VFokusu

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