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The Golob Government Is Wrapped In Rainbows

On the 31st of January, the Act Amending the Family Code came into force – an act that not only changes the definition of marriage as we have known it thus far and with which we grew up, but also destroys the fundamental value of the family with its provisions; destroys the importance of women in society, and consequently also destroys our children by deliberately imposing LGBTQ ideology on them and harming them not only mentally, but also potentially physically. All this is supported by the Golob government, which is so excited about the destruction of society as we know it that it even changed its profile photos on social networks, and soon, a rainbow flag will also fly in front of the Ministry of Labour.

The change of the official emblem on social media and the display of the rainbow flag in front of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities reflects the pride of the Golob government in destroying all the values on which not only Slovenia, but the whole of humanity stands. The denial of the fact that marriage is a union between a woman and a man, the denial of the family where parents are a mother and a father, the denial of the sex given at birth and the denial of all the fundamental values of humanity is what the Golob government prides itself on.

On Tuesday, amendments to the Family Code came into force which make marriage the union of two persons (no longer husband and wife) and which allow a same-sex couple to adopt a child. With this, the Golob government and the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia have turned against the expressed will of the people, who have twice made it clear in referendums that they do not want such a family law, and the Court and government are proud of their trampling on the people’s opinion, by changing their official emblem on social media to include a “rainbow” (the LGBTQ symbol).

But that is not all – soon, a rainbow flag will also fly in front of the Ministry of Labour, which has also proudly changed its profile picture on Twitter.

With the new law, the Golob government would like to impose a belief on us that is contrary to everything we have believed so far and everything that is scientifically supported. It takes a WOMAN and a MAN to create a family. That is it. And yet, they want to convince us and our children that marriage is the union of two people, and no longer the union of a husband and a wife. The same applies to the definition of a consensual union as a long-term living union of two persons, explained the competent Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, which is headed by Luka Mesec. The amendment puts partners in such unions on an equal footing in all the legal consequences that the Family Code establishes for marriage, as well as in other areas of the law, including the conditions that the Family Code establishes for adopting a child. Thus, spouses or cohabiting partners may adopt a child together, or one of them may adopt the child of his or her spouse or cohabiting partner.

And while all of that is bad enough already, it is not all. The Golob government is also planning to introduce LGBTQ ideology in schools, which will lead to the introduction of destructive gender ideology in the school curriculum and cause more children to be distressed and confused about their bodies. Gender equality policies in schools would also put pressure on pupils to speak with the vocabulary and terminology of the transgender movement – rather than according to their own beliefs – at a time in their development when peer pressure is already strong.

It is hard to believe that so many people are unaware of the key problem. Gender ideology will cause children in their most vulnerable years great confusion about gender and sexual orientation, which are biologically given. Gender is not a ‘fluid’ matter and cannot be changed. Just as one cannot change one’s age, race and other biologically given characteristics. The tendency to destroy gender identity, not only by Western ideology, but in the specific case of the Golob government, is a threat to everything that is coming and is already happening in the world. If a woman can be a man and vice versa, that means that the triangle and the square are the same. And we all know that this is not the case. If we destroy the importance of women in society and allow children who are not mentally mature enough to be able to decide their own future in the long term to change their bodies (as they do in other countries), it means that they have the right to decide other things as well. It also means that they are mature enough to give consent when it comes to sexuality, which brings us to the question of whether paedophilia will even be a crime anymore. Or will they simply say that the child has consented? Because if an immature being consents to changing its gender, then can it also consent to sexuality? All of this has either not been thought through by the Golob government, or they are simply deliberately destroying Slovenian children.

Tanja Brkić

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