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The fact that Ivan Gale attended the violent protest proves the involvement of Friday’s cyclists, and thus, their responsibility for the violence!

Revolutions are made in two ways: through empty rhetoric and through violence. It is clear that the opposition and its “people’s commissioners,” Ivan Gale and the Friday’s cyclists, do not want to make a revolution with violence, because they do not even know how to do that. Others can do that for them, and part of this game is to try to convince everyone else that they are in no way involved with violence; that they have nothing to do with it. However, photos of Ivan Gale at Thursday’s protest have appeared online, thus causing many to doubt the claim that Friday’s cyclists had nothing to do with Thursday’s protest and violence.

Despite the fact that the opposition and its “people’s,” or rather, “street commissioners,” the Friday’s cyclists, and Ivan Gale are all trying to give the impression that they had nothing to do with Thursday’s violent protest, photos of Gale at the protest caused many to strongly doubt these claims.

The so-called whistleblower Gale promoted the protest on his Facebook profile on November 5th, and later also attended it, which Bojan Požar revealed in a tweet: “Can Anže Božič, the 24ur journalist, continue to claim that the so-called Friday’s protest had nothing to do with today’s vandalism in the middle of Ljubljana, even after the publication of this photo…???!!”

Finally, we also received evidence of Gale supporting the aforementioned violent protests, after photos of Gale from the scene of the protest appeared online: “Gale as living proof! A protester on Fridays and Thursdays. As I have already said: today’s protest is just an escalation of Friday’s protests,” Požar wrote on Twitter.

There is no doubt in our minds that the opposition and the cyclists will continue faking ignorance, but only until the moment, when (if) the people will grab the bait. When that happens, similar to Friday’s cycling protests, the hooligans, Tanja Fajon, Ivan Gale, and Jaša Jenull will appear in public together. With the collective “coating” of “the people.” And the explanation that it is sometimes necessary to violently respond to a violent government. Are they perhaps willing to swear that this will, in fact, never happen?

Aleš Ernecl

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