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The European Commission Is Funding Advertising On The Web Portal 24ur

Journalist Bojan Požar recently pointed out that the European Commission is financing selected Slovenian media outlets – specifically 24ur, which belongs to the Pro Plus group (POP TV). It should be noted that this is a media outlet editorially controlled by the transitional left, specifically Jure Tepina, who is also known as an agent of the deep state. So, the European Commission is a client of the Slovenian left-wing media?!

Just how much the European Commission really cares about the pluralism of the Slovenian media space has once again been shown by the new example of the funding of selected media, specifically the web portal 24ur (the online version of POP TV). It is about creating business for the select few. Namely, we are talking about an advertisement piece promoting the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the European Union’s effective response to crisis situations, with the aim of protecting and safeguarding the safety and well-being of Slovenian citizens. The European Commission invites readers to join von der Leyen in the European Union House and online. In addition, they also published a promotional live webcast of the speech by the Commission President von der Leyen and an invitation to watch the debate by Slovenian and other MEPs. However, this is not an isolated case. Let us remind you of another glaring example of the interference of the European Commission or its Vice-President Věra Jourová in the Slovenian media space.

Was Acceto promised a prestigious job at the EU Court of Justice?

Věra Jourová visited Slovenia at the beginning of March, and at the time, she also visited the Constitutional Court and its President, Matej Acceto. The visit took place just as the Court was deciding on the constitutionality of a controversial amendment to the Radio-Television Slovenia Act, written by the government of Robert Golob. This is what made her visit to the Court all the more unusual. Jourová has in the past been concerned about the state of our media, and her statements have suggested (as noted by MEP Romana Tomc) that she supports Golob’s amendment to the RTVS Act. To this day, it is still unclear whether the subject of the conversation between Acceto and Jourová was also the law in question, and whether this could be a case of the European Commission trying to influence the work of an independent institution, in addition to interference in the sovereignty of our country. There have even been suggestions that Jourová promised to help Acceto obtain a prestigious job at the EU Court of Justice.

MEP Milan Zver has been working hard to obtain the content of the controversial visit but has not yet gotten to the bottom of the matter. It is obvious that the European Commission is hiding something and that Jourová loses her nerve every time the subject of her visit comes up. “As the Commissioner for Values and Transparency, the Commissioner should be the first one to be concerned about transparency, but she is hiding and concealing things from us all the time about her visit. Now, in September, we will continue with the Jourová story. We will also involve the European Ombudsman, who will also have to respond to this whole situation. In the end, we will probably have to get justice through the European Court of Justice. I am convinced that it should never have occurred to the European Commission to intervene in the internal affairs of an EU country. Because what Commissioner Jourová did was actually interfere in the legislative process of one Member State. That is serious interventionism, and that is not what the EU is based on,” Zver said in a conversation with TV presenter Metod Berlec on the latest edition of Nova24TV’s show Beremo (Reading Together).

Domen Mezeg

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