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The “Depoliticised” National Media Outlet RTVS Is Removing Aerial Signals For Programmes That Are Not Theirs

The “depoliticised” national media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS) is making new “apolitical” moves that will once again hurt the weakest. This time, multiplex C is being abolished, leaving only RTV Slovenia on the air. As a result, some 40 to 50 thousand households could be affected.

The “depoliticised” RTV Slovenia has announced that as a multiplex operator, it intends to stop the operating of Multiplex C (MUX-C) as of the 1st of February 2024.

As they have also pointed out,, d.d., as a television channel provider, can apply for the transfer of the right to use the radio frequencies for the multiplex.

The measure of the “depoliticised” institution will, of course, affect the weakest, presumably some 40 to 50 thousand households, as people will now only be able to receive RTV Slovenia programmes via their antenna.

This is an outdoor roof antenna

“Each network (multiplex) contains its own set of TV programmes. The Mux-A and Mux-C networks are designed for fixed reception (with an external roof antenna) and have slightly different coverage.”

Domen Mezeg

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