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The Attempted Assassination Of The Prime Minister Could Have Also Happened In Slovenia

What recently happened in Slovakia is a step further from what was happening in Slovenia under the government of Janez Janša. The Slovakian Prime Minister was shot by a left-wing activist – like one of those who chanted for the death of the former Slovenian Prime Minister as part of the anti-government protests during the term of the previous government. “This is a method of incitement, of left-wing fascism,” believes MP Branko Grims of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS).

“On the occasion of the shooting of the Slovakian Prime Minister, I would like to remind you of the campaigns of our leftists calling for the death of our previous Prime Minister, which our Prosecutor’s Office has declared to be perfectly permissible freedom of speech. Even when it came to direct calls to “kill Janša”, which the court found not to be criminal because they were apparently of unsound mind,” wrote Peter Jančič, editor of the media outlet “Spletni časopis” (“Online Newspaper”), who drew attention to the horrific situation in Slovakia. SDS MP Branko Grims said this is a typical leftist method of thuggery.

No one has forgotten that in March 2020 (before the Janša government was even formally created), the left-wing parties’ extensions – non-governmental organisations – called for the death of Janša’s supporters with protests and threatened potential coalition partners not to enter the government. The chanting and violence escalated, and when Ludvik Tomšič directly called for the death of Janez Janša, everyone simply tolerated it. He was labelled to be of unsound mind and returned to freedom.

“Leftism is a religion of lies and hatred. The oldest trick of the leftists is that they always attribute everything negative, hateful, violent that they do to someone else – they talk about persecuting hate speech, which, by the way, does not exist in law – which does not mean that they are persecuting something hateful, they are persecuting the truth because they hate it,” Grims explained.

These are typical methods of the radical left

Grims went on to explain that the methods used by the radical left are typical for them, as was very clear in the last two years of the Janez Janša government. “Chanting, calling for death, killing, shooting and everything we witnessed in front of the parliament is, of course, incitement and unconstitutional behaviour, but nothing happened to anyone who did it, and this method of street thuggery, or the method of left-wing fascism, is not only typical of Slovenia,” said Grims, who explained that this is a model that emerged in the USA at the time of the overthrow of Donald Trump, and today we are witnessing “the transfer of this model, which has clearly paid off in the USA, to Slovenian soil, which I have already predicted would happen.”

He went on to point out that this method had also been “quite successful on our soil”, but that it had also made people feel uneasy, unsafe, “and then they say that we need more policing, and of course this is not about policing criminals, but honest people while criminals are in power,” he made it clear.

“Left-wing power is based on incitement, on resorting to violence, and all over the world, there have been very violent acts and crimes committed by people from the extreme left in recent times,” Grims said, referring to the numerous murderous marches by various left-wing activists. “One of these examples is what happened in Slovakia,” he stressed, adding that any violence in politics “is unacceptable and must be condemned and prevented by all legal means – this is the task of every authority.”

People could see more clearly what leftism is, but the problem is the mainstream media

He believes that any excuse about the noble intentions of the left is superfluous because this is the excuse used in every story where we encounter totalitarianism, “from the times of socialism to the present day, the worst crimes are repeatedly justified by the noblest intentions,” he believes, and that this “completely exposes leftism, if people understand what it is really about, but since most of the media are in the hands of leftists, this is difficult.”

While one would expect that in a civilised, democratic and progressive country, all violence would be condemned and punished, left-wing activists in Slovenia have privileges here because of the left-wing government. They are not sentenced to prison, they are labelled as being of unsound mind, and the next day, they are back on the streets. Even if this has not yet happened here, it is optimistic to say that the story from Slovakia would not be repeated here because of the irresponsibility of the authorities.

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