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The Abolishment Of The Museum Of Independence Is A Deliberate Blow Against Independence By The Government!

“We strongly protest against the government’s decision to abolish the Museum of Slovenian Independence, which has been operating for more than a year and a half. In a challenging situation, when we are facing many problems, it is even more important to build a relationship with the country as a common value. We realised it for everyone on the basis of the plebiscitary will that had transcended political divisions and brought us together. The mission of the independent Museum of Independence is to strengthen state-building, patriotic and democratic consciousness. That is why it was established,” The Association for the Values of Slovenian Independence (Združenje za vrednote Slovenske osamosvojitve – VSO) wrote in its response to the government’s recent abolition of the Museum of Slovenian Independence.

With its recent decision, the government is pushing the Museum of Slovenian Independence, and thus independence itself, into a zone of political reckoning and further polarisation, which is completely contrary to the nature of independence and its values, the Association for the Values of Slovenian Independence said.

The government’s argument that the museum should be merged with the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia for the purposes of “transparent and strategically outlined professional work” is completely wrong and, in fact, a politically motivated argument which, objectively speaking, is directed against the understanding of the meaning of Slovenian independence and statehood. The Museum of Slovenian Independence should not become a ping-pong ball in political reckoning and an element for another front of polarisation. Just as we worked together for our country’s independence, so we could join professional and political forces for an excellent independence museum that would strengthen awareness of the importance of our statehood and the breakaway from totalitarianism. We cannot have a different independence museum under every government, the Association for the Values of Slovenian Independence believes.

“We once again call on the government to abandon this intention and thus prevent further polarisation. If the government does not give up its decision to abolish the independent Museum of Slovenian Independence by the 10th of February, the Association for the Values of Slovenian Independence will launch an action plan in defence of Slovenia’s independence and its values.”

Sara Kovač

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