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Terrorist attacks in Europe and the victims of the epidemic – a burden that will forever accompany Tanja Fajon!

In recent weeks, Tanja Fajon and the Constitutional Arch Coalition quartet have been trying to carry out a media spin: after trying to sabotage and undermine the government’s credibility ever since the inauguration of Janez Janša, while supporting and promoting covid scepticism and indirectly harming healthcare workers, the economy and the individuals who lost lives because of them, Fajon is now trying to convince everyone, with the help of the media that she cares about people and that she has been trying to cooperate with the government all along. Modus operandi, which we have seen before with Tanja Fajon.

Anyone who is not wearing blinkers and no longer believes that the mainstream media is credible knows what Tanja Fajon has been doing in recent months. She tried to hurt the government in every way possible, which meant that she was actually harming Slovenian citizens. In spite of her vapidness and emptiness, the mainstream media outlets offer her platforms, which makes her one of the most influential people in Slovenia. With her influence, she has caused great damage to the healthcare sector, the economy, and, last but not least, she is partially to blame for the fact that more people have died than would have died otherwise in recent months. But not much time has passed since her vapidness also caused great damage, and the consequences of her actions even “sowed and are still sowing death throughout Europe,” and we are still seeing the consequences today and will probably continue to see them for a while, especially in Slovenia. We have not forgotten about her attitude towards mass migrations, have we?!

Let’s just remember some of the moves made by Tanja Fajon, with which she helped spread the virus – even explicitly (it was also spread implicitly – by the moves of her party, the opposition as a whole, the mainstream media, and their “civil society” in the form of NGOs, hired protesters, and anti-covid influencers, who all supported and promoted dangerous ideas). First, she called for schools and kindergartens without masks, which means that she chose children as hostages to promote her political agenda. She also supported the illegal protests and even took part in them; she was photographed at the protests without a mask several times.

In the summer, she was worried about the possibility of countries discriminating against each other, even though she and the opposition later accused the government of closing the border with Croatia too late.

And do not forget, this is what was published on the Twitter profile of the Social Democrats on the 21st of September: “We support the call of the principals for schools without masks. We call for the measures for kindergartens and schools to be designed by professionals. In addition to epidemiologists, this includes pedagogues, social workers, psychologists, and practitioners. We demand a clear and predictable plan, involving everyone, instead of new decrees being introduced daily. For a school without masks.”

A harmful and deadly campaign
We could go on and on in introducing this harmful and deadly campaign, in which not even children are safe from her politicking. From what she personally said as a guest on the shows in the media outlets that support her, to what she wrote on Twitter, what her party was saying, as well as other parties of the KUL quartet; what the mainstream media, the protesters, the anti-covid influencers were saying. In light of this, the media spin they are now carrying out is – tragicomic. Tragic for the healthcare workers, the sick, the dead, those who lost their jobs, who had to close their businesses, but comical for the unaffected, who have been following Tanja Fajon’s actions for a while now.

Before harming Slovenia, she “helped” harm Europe
But even before Tanja Fajon tried to harm the Slovenian government, the Slovenian state, and the Slovenian people, she had already participated in causing damage “on the international stage.” We have not forgotten her “pro-migrant rhetoric” yet, even though it has somewhat faded in light of the epidemic in recent months. Tanja Fajon is shamelessly a part of the Soros train, which is imposing masses and masses of African and Arab migrants on European countries, disguised under the free movement of labour, and philanthropy. We will never forget that at the beginning of the great migrant crisis in 2015, we were ridiculed and defamed, as they kept telling us these were refugees, not illegal migrants.

Migrations are a positive experience, and then, astonishment at the terrorist attacks
Since this is a campaign that has been going on for a few years, and not just a few months, an abundance of her statements can be found online, in which she expresses completely reckless support for mass migrations. We could continue talking about this topic indefinitely, even longer than with her anti-covid campaign. But nothing, absolutely nothing demonstrates her vapidness, emptiness, her recklessness with which she causes a lot of damage, like her tweets from 2016, when, without any self-reflection and with ignorance, she expressed shock after finding out that the terrorist attacks in Germany were caused by migrants, for whom she has been advocating for years, and now the migrants are sowing death among the indigenous people of Europe.

Here are two of her tweets, which were published on the same day – in the first one, she wrote: “Migration is historic, is global question. For centuries & always a positive experience for countries of final destination.” And in the second, she wrote: “Shocked! Berlin, tragedy! Victims innocent people at Christmas market?! How far and low that can go? Murder in Turkey, alert in Brussels? L

While these reckless immigration policies, as advocated for by Tanja Fajon for many years, are now the cause of dire problems in France, where they are no longer safe from the savage jihadists anywhere, let’s take a look at all the misery and range of the SD champion, as demonstrated in her tweets form 2016. As we could see in later years, this “shock” did not sober her up at all.

Aleš Ernecl


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