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Slovenia is among the top 20 healthiest countries to live in

In addition to all of the other acknowledgements, Slovenia also received international recognition for being one of the healthiest countries in the world. While the country ranks 11th among the healthiest countries, Ljubljana ranks as high as 9th among the healthiest cities to live in.

The web portal has put together a list of the world’s healthiest places to live. Slovenia also ranks among the top 20 healthiest places to live. The report is based on data regarding life expectancy, the cost of staying healthy, obesity rates, pollution rates, food prices, life expectancy and sunlight hours.

Spain is one of the healthiest countries to live in and ranks first in the index. In Spain, people mostly follow a Mediterranean diet consisting of healthy sources of omega-3 fats and protein. Studies have associated these with a decreased risk of dementia, heart disease and cancer, which thus places the country in the top five for greater life expectancy.

A Mediterranean lifestyle follows these key principles: sociable mealtimes, a balanced diet and an emphasis on walking as a mode of transport, which helps lower the number of deaths caused by pollution. Studies also show that sociable mealtimes have been found to decrease the risk of obesity and also promote healthy mental wellbeing. Having a dedicated time to connect with family and friends acts as a mood booster, produces endorphins and increases the overall wellbeing of the population.

The healthiest countries which follow Spain are Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Iceland, Italy and Sweden. Slovenia ranks in 11th place. It is also very interesting to note that it is mostly the European countries that are among the healthiest in the world, while the USA is one of the unhealthiest countries.

Slovenia as the 11th country in terms of the healthiest environment for its citizens; Ljubljana ranks 9th among the healthiest cities in the world
Slovenia is ranked between Austria and Finland. Globally, our country has an above-average life expectancy, has access to fresh, healthy and varied food, which is not overly expensive compared to the northern countries. In Slovenia, the health of the population is also affected by access to the public healthcare system, ad at the same time, as an exceptionally green country, we are keeping the level of pollution relatively low. According to other research, Slovenia was not yet among the healthiest countries last year.

Ljubljana ranks among the healthiest cities in the world; namely, it ranked 9th. Spain’s Valencia and Madrid are in first and second place, followed by Lisbon, Vienna, Canberra, Tel Aviv and Tokyo.

Sara Rančigaj

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