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Rupar Announces A Fierce Fight With The Government, Which Has Once Again Deceived People

“I WILL FIGHT, I WILL FIGHT against these people who don’t care about you! I am even more angry and determined to fight against their lies and mockery, against their mean actions, which happen too often and keep on piling up; I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU, FOR A DECENT EXISTENCE, FOR YOUR DIGNITY, FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!! LET US FIGHT TOGETHER! ALL OF US..!!! God, help me so that I can help others,” Pavel Rupar wrote in his last message.

“A rough day has now awakened, my night was sleepless. I did not and could not stop thinking about yesterday, shivering slightly with fatigue. I don’t know why I was so affected by Robert Golob‘s hypocritical and despicable battle with us, why I experienced and compared his gestures as a trauma with the actions of his colleagues, like the dark massacre of the people of Dražgoše, why he seemed to me like a true prince of darkness, laughing in my face out of sheer corruption, with all of his people gathered around him,” Pavel Rupar, leader of the pensioners’ protests, wrote in a new thought piece. He went on to wonder whether this happened as it did because Golob has once again taken revenge on poor people, on pensioners without decent pensions, on all those who already do not have enough money for their daily bread.

Rupar was convinced that representatives of the government were really going to abolish the payment of the 45 euros of supplementary health insurance, he was happy that morning when he drove to Ljubljana and he imagined that they had won a batlle for the people and that they were going to save people more than 450 euros a year, which, in his opinion, is not a bad thing. He even applauded the situation because for a moment he believed Nika Kovač, Jaša Jenull, Robert Golob and the humiliated Minister of Heatlh, Danijel Bešič Loredan – he believed that they were actually abolishing this tax, and that even 10 percent of some people’s pensions would really be saved… Rupar then added: “Gosh, I am still so naive!!! I only burst into tears towards midday when they told me that we had been conned again, that the whole nation had been scammed again, and that everything would be the same, except that now it would even be compulsory.” As he went on to explain, they just changed the name of the tax and left the people stranded! “People, I really feel tears coming out of my eyes, I feel sorry for all those who hoped, the poor and all those who have been disappointed again,” he added.

Rupar also noted that these are people who rule us without shame, without feeling, and without any respect for us. They are hovering somewhere above us like black and dark clouds, waiting to kill us … To finish us off … But even such difficult days come to pass. “I did not even think for a moment that we would not fight any more, I did not think for a moment that I would let people down and say to myself how pointless it all is! I am really feeling down, even though I know that at least we were the ones who stopped the price hikes and kicked the corrupt asses of Golob, Sušnik and the others who are laughing in your faces…” Rupar is sure that at least they have made some progress, but not nearly enough to make him go to sleep and stop fighting. And he is determined to keep on fighting. He will fight against these people who do not care about the citizens of Slovenia! He is even more angry and determined to go against their lies and their mockery, against their scams, which happen much too often. “I WILL FIGHT WITH YOU – FOR A DECENT EXISTENCE, FOR YOUR DIGNITY, FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!! LET’S FIGHT TOGETHER! ALL OF US..!!! God, help me so that I can help others,” he concluded his reflection.

Domen Mezeg

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