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Rupar Announced New Pensioners’ Rally, Which Will Happen On The 1st Of March

The organisers of the pensioners’ rally, the initiative The Voice of Pensioners of Slovenia (Glas upokojencev Slovenije), are receiving many letters and messages of support these days. Meanwhile, the government is still asleep, so to speak, so the initiative is already working on new activities. One of the organisers of The Voice of Pensioners of Slovenia initiative, Pavle Rupar, shared his emotional account with us.

“I want to thank all of you for the countless messages, letters, calls of thanks, and for your courage and support!

Yesterday I was in Brezje, at Mary the Help of Christians. I was there to give thanks for the victory over cancer, lung embolisms, for life and for the fact that I am still here! And also, for all of you who made last Wednesday glorious, historic and like no other day in our country’s memory! Dignified, cultural, proud, cheerful and joyful!! They did not need to send the police at us, nor the honourable and poor municipal workers to clean up after us!


But let me tell you a bit more about my visit to Brezje. I cried all the time. I could not hold back my tears of gratitude at the memory of the days in the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, at the Golnik clinic, and all the battles with cancer for my life. And, of course, I also cried tears of gratitude for the doctors, nurses, technicians, cooks, all the staff. However much they are paid, they are UNDERPAID!! These people give us back our health, our lives. Anyone who has not experienced this is unaware of their mission and their greatness! There, at that time of saying goodbye to my family, my grandchildren, this world, on the night of Christmas and Holy Night, I received great HOPE!!! At one point, I knew I could do it. Even now, as I write this to you, I am crying. I am sorry. Because I experienced the same emotions on Wednesday with everyone at the seniors’ rally, and again yesterday. At our Mary the Help of Christians in Brezje! IT WAS NOTHING BUT HOPE!!!

And it’s true!! Let’s hope people, let’s hope!! Let’s hope that cancer patients will win, let’s help them hope for a cure! Give them the will to live, the will for a healthy day to come! Fellow sufferers, fellow fighters, do not give in to despair, to frustration, to depression. FIGHT, PRAY AND GIVE THANKS FOR EVERY DAY OF LIFE, FOR YOUR FAMILY, FOR THE DOCTORS! All of you, gathered at Mass yesterday, reminded me of the people who came to the pensioners’ rally, of all of us WHO HOPE TO BE SAVED FROM THE BOTTOM OF SOCIETY, SO THAT DESPAIR WILL BECOME ONLY A DISTANT MEMORY, AND WE WILL HAVE JOY FOR THE DAYS IN WHICH WE LIVE IN, the day when you, the sick, and all of us together, will be victorious! Your cancer patients, be an example to us and we to you!!! It will be a long, hard and arduous fight for all of us! BUT LET US PROMISE EACH OTHER THAT YOU, THE SICK, WILL BE CURED, AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS ON THE COMMON PATH OF THE NEW TIMES, IN WHICH I BELIEVE IN, JUST AS I BELIEVE IN GOD!!! When this is behind you and behind us, WE WILL ALL GET TOGETHER!!

God bless you, dear patients, you, my pensioners, my seniors, the young generation, and all of you, my fighters for a better tomorrow.


See you AGAIN AT THE RALLY on Wednesday, the 1st of March. We will also remember the sick.”


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