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Prime Minister Janša: the USA is a strategic partner, no matter who their president is!

“The USA is our strategic partner. All the governments I have led, have built close, friendly relations with them. No matter which party the president of the U.S. was from. And this is how it will also be in the future. The hysteria of those who preferred to go to Moscow instead of Washington so far is completely unnecessary,” the Prime Minister Janez Janša responded to the numerous attacks, manipulations and spreading of misinformation in the media.

Instead of useful reporting, the mainstream media prefer to deal with Prime Minister Janez Janša’s tweets, aggressively attacking anything he writes and tearing it out of context, in order to be able to adapt it for the needs of their media attacks.

One of the most brutal media attacks happened recently when Janša published a tweet, in which he supposedly congratulated Donald Trump on his re-election before the counting of the votes even ended, which put Slovenia in an awkward position. Here is what he wrote: “It’s pretty clear that American people have elected Donald Trump and Mike Pence for 4 more years. More delays and facts denying from the mainstream media, bigger the final triumph for POTUS. Congratulations Republican Party for strong results across the U.S.”

Of course, Janša was not congratulating Trump, but the Republicans, who achieved a better result than in the previous election, in both houses of Congress. At the same time, he expressed his belief that Trump is the winner of the election, which is his personal belief, especially in the context of the many irregularities and frauds that will be the subject of judicial trials. The most interesting thing is that those who attacked Janša, quickly congratulated Biden, even though the elections are far from having an official winner, and we will still have to wait a while for the official results.

To make sure that the media do not continue to falsify his statements, Janša published another tweet on this topic today, writing that the United States of America has been the strategic partner of any government he has led so far, regardless of the political affiliation of the American president. He also made it clear that those who are politically closer to Russia and who view the United States as a kind of enemy, were the most vicious in their attacks.

In addition to continuing to nurture close relations with Washington, the Prime Minister also announced the strengthening of cooperation with the United States in the fields of defence, cyber security, energy, and the economic projects, under the Three Seas Initiative. In the end, he also offered the Slovenian left, especially the most radical and anti-American part (Levica and SD) the chance to work with the government on this and support the strengthening of the relations with the United States.

Sara Kovač

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