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Pressuring continues and escalates: SMC MP Gregor Perič received a threat, which was put up in front of his house!

The appetites of the deep state are not diminishing. As is clear to all those who are so strongly in favour of the formation of the Constitutional Arch Coalition (Koalicija ustavnega loka – referred to as “KUL,” which translates to cool), they do not have enough votes from the MPs to actually establish it. Therefore, they are using various methods of pressuring those whose votes they desperately need. Thus, the SMC deputies became the main target, as, after the DeSUS party left, they made it clear that they would remain part of the government. However, the people who are behind the KUL coalition even went so far as to hang a banner in front of the home of the SMC MP Gregor Perič, with the inscription: “Gregor Perič, hero or traitor?”

The twisted form of pressuring the MP Gregor Perič was revealed by the investigative journalist Bojan Požar. As the transitional left does not have enough votes to support the new Prime Minister yet, they are nor pressuring the SMC deputies in every way possible – including illegal ones – as they are the only lifeline in the forming of the new government. And that is precisely why the people who are behind the KUL coalition postponed the vote of no-confidence until February, as they realised things would not go as smoothly as they had hoped. After all, their mission – Karel Erjavec – let it be known that he would only run if a sufficient number of votes were provided for him to actually become the Prime Minister.

Targeting a man and consequently even pressuring his family, is completely unacceptable and undemocratic, and should not be admissible in a democratic society. Apparently, however, the deep state and its lackeys have no problem doing that, when it comes to achieving their goals. This is just a continuation of the pressuring we already wrote about on Tuesday.

The sophisticated apparatus for achieving their goals
Let’s recap. Our editorial board received a copy of the instructions for writing e-mails to the SMC deputies, and the people behind it apparently also hired one of the agencies, which will send messages from fake addresses to the e-mail addresses of the SMC deputies.

One of the messages reads:

“Dear Member of Parliament,

I am writing to you as a desperate citizen. The current situation in the country is chaotic, hostile and destructive. The communication of the government representatives is offensive to us citizens, laws are being passed, and regulations are being changed, which are destroying the democratic order of Slovenia.

I believe that you decided on your candidacy in order to contribute to the functioning of democracy and the rule of law. Right now, you have the power to actually realise this and say NO to the coalition that is breaking all the standards of the rule of law. With your action, you will support the efforts of 75 percent of the citizens, who do not support the current government.

You will say:

– NO to hatred

– NO to the exclusion

– NO to the abolition of media freedom

– NO to political reckoning with individuals

– NO to subordinating the police

– NO to the appointing of non-experts to management positions by adjusting the conditions of the tenders

For a free, democratic Slovenia that respects the rule of law!”

Attached to it, are the e-mail address of the SMC parliamentary group and the e-mail addresses of the SMC deputies.

The deep state is clearly willing to do just about anything to overthrow the legitimate centre-right government, which is being led by the winner of the last election. They are even willing to appoint a person who, in spite of his long political career, received a mere total of 5743 votes (at the last election, that number was as low as 394), while the current Prime Minister Janez Janša received 7020 votes in the last election to the National Assembly. As the NSi MP Jožef Horvat said a few days ago, some people just want to get to power, even if they have to get there over dead bodies. And they care very little that we are in the middle of an epidemic. They apparently pushed their conscience aside, as there is money from the European funds, that will have to be distributed, at stake. The deep state knows just how to use the money so that it can continue to march to the beat of its own drum and set up figures that will play by their rules.

Sara Kovač

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