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Presentations of candidates for rector of the University of Ljubljana are starting; the current rector, who would introduce “sameness of gender” to the entire university, is also in the run

Public presentations of four candidates for the new rector of University of Ljubljana are beginning today. The candidates are Igor Lukšič, Gregor Majdič, Igor Papič, and Anton Ramšak. The presentations will take place in three terms, today, Thursday, and Friday at 16:00 via the Zoom web links.

By February 25th, the University Electoral Commission had received five proposals for four candidates for University Rector for the period 2021-2025. In addition to Papič, who is again being proposed by the Faculties of Electrical Engineering, and Chemistry and Chemical Technology, three other candidates are vying for the highest position at the University. Namely, Igor Lukšič at the suggestion of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Gregor Majdič at the suggestion of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and Anton Ramšak proposed by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

The election of the new rector of the University of Ljubljana is necessary because the four-year term of the current rector Igor Papič expires in September. The collection of candidacies began at the end of January, and members had to nominate candidates within 30 days.

The rector is elected according to a two-round and direct system. Full professors who are full-time employees of the university can run for rector. Web links to public presentations of candidates are published on the website of the University of Ljubljana. STA reports that the election of the rector for the term of office 2021-2025 will take place on April 13th in all 26 members and the rectory at the same time.

However, the programmes of all four candidates are important. With Lukšič, the former president of the SD and former dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, it is very noticeable that he wants to greatly increase the autonomy of the university in relation to the government, especially in light of the recent complication due to interference in tender positions. The current rector Igor Papič is also running for a new mandate. In his programme he mentions the adoption of the Plan for the Promotion of Sameness of Gender. Whatever that means.

It is known that this idea comes from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana, where they first invented an absurd novelty, namely the mandatory use of the female form for any gender. As the publicist Saška Štumberger (HERE) pointed out last year, many proponents of this absurd novelty even refer to the first doctor of science in Ljubljana, Ana Mayer Kansky, who is even considered as a kind of symbol of the fight against capitalism and social equality. However, they do not mention that the communist authorities degraded the aforementioned doctor of science, confiscated her property, and only allowed her to teach at a high school, and at the University of Ljubljana she was unwanted.

Either way, the authors of such insanities as “sameness of gender” clearly do not distinguish between sameness and equality. On top of all that, the Faculty of Arts is the new apostle of feminism, where for many years the management turned a blind eye to the sexual harassment of female students by Professor Igor Pribac…

C. R.

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