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Nearly 150 illegal migrants last weekend!

Last weekend, while performing the tasks of guarding the state border in the area of Litija, the Ljubljana Police Department tracked down and arrested two foreigners (Iranian citizens) who had illegally crossed the state border. The proceedings of the police officers with the foreigners have not yet been completed.

Well, the police of the Koper Police Department worked much harder to detect migrants. The latter discovered as many as 92 illegal migrants over the weekend. Two Pakistanis were found near Kozina on Friday, two Moroccan nationals at Zazid on Saturday, two Afghan nationals and four Pakistani nationals at Kozina, eight Afghan nationals and five Tunisians at Veliko Brdo, and a Kosovo national near Koper.

Sunday was especially busy for the police, as they found twenty Iraqis near Rakitovec. An even bigger catch happened when they stopped a Fiat Ducato van driven by an Italian with a passenger at Topolovac. There were as many as 30 migrants inside the van, mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Seven more Turks were found near Prešnica, three Afghans near Šembije, eight Afghans near Ilirska Bistrica and another in Koper.

The police officers of the Novo mesto Police Department also worked hard. In the area of Jama pri Dvoru (PS Dolenjske Toplice) two citizens of Syria and a citizen of Pakistan were tracked down and arrested, in the area of Prilip and Mokrice (PS Brežice) 11 citizens of Pakistan, three citizens of Bangladesh, three citizens of Iraq and a citizen of India, in the area of Oštrc (PS Krško) 16 citizens of Afghanistan, in the area of Črnomelj, Balkovci and Mavrlen (PS Črnomelj) six citizens of Bangladesh and two citizens of Albania. Police proceedings with foreigners who have illegally crossed the state border have not yet been completed.

Source: Police


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