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Milan Krek: The epidemic is abating but we should still comply with all measures

The press conference to provide updates on COVID-19 featured Director of the National Institute of Public Health Milan Krek.

According to current data, a total of 1,023 PCR-tests and 6,953 rapid antigen tests were conducted yesterday. The PCR tests confirmed 24 new infections, which amounts to a positivity rate of 2.3%. One week ago, the positivity rate was 4.3%. According to today’s data, the seven-day average of confirmed cases is 147.

A total of 134 patients are currently hospitalised due to COVID-19, of whom 42 require intensive care, two COVID-19 patients died yesterday, according to the statistic presented by Maja Bratuša at the beginning of the conference.

Milan Krek said that the number of infected people is falling on a global scale, as well as compared to the European average. Slovenia is also recording a downward trend in the number of infected people. This is confirmed by today’s figure of just 24 infections; we have not recorded a number that low in a very long time.

Mr Krek added that the number of deaths in homes for the elderly has also fallen, thanks to vaccinations. He called upon all the staff at homes for the elderly to get vaccinated. “Without vaccinations the epidemic would now be significantly worse,” stressed Mr Krek.

“All local communities should actively seek out elderly people who have not come for their vaccination and ensure that they are vaccinated. All community health centres should go to villages and vaccinate these people,” he urged. This week, vaccination centres will be vaccinating people without prior appointment. A digital certificate can also be obtained at vaccination centres.

Mr Krek predicted that the epidemic wave will end at the end of August. Unfortunately, due to new strains, it is essential that we continue to comply with all the established measures.


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