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Migrant War in Ljubljana: Moroccan Mafia Attacked An Algerian With Machetes!

The newspaper Dnevnik reports that over the weekend, a group of armed Moroccan immigrants tried to lynch an Algerian man on Metelkova Street. The reason for their attack was a few critical words the man had said earlier. The group was armed with machetes, boxers, pepper sprays and sticks, and the police reportedly arrived at the scene only after a long hour of waiting! However, the police claim that the first officers were on the scene within five minutes of the call.

Ljubljana is becoming like the suburbs of Middle Eastern, African, Brazilian and Mexican cities, where organised crime is rampant, even though it was one of the safest cities in the world until recently. This is also thanks to a police force that is too few in number and often indecisive. On Saturday, an armed attack took place on Metelkova Street in Ljubljana, and the police reportedly arrived at the scene after over an hour, but the perpetrators had already fled the scene by then.

Instead of armed gangs, Golob’s “militia” is prosecuting Boris Tomašič

On the other hand, the police apparently have plenty of time to pursue “troublesome” television show hosts. On Tuesday, for the second time, they visited the television presenter and world record holder Boris Tomašič, after which they apologised that it was a “mistake”.

Meanwhile, the newspaper Dnevnik reports that the Algerian man who was attacked on Metelkova Street took refuge from the Moroccans in the Menza pri Koritu club. The manager of the club reported that they waited for more than an hour for the police to arrive. On Saturday, at around 11 p.m., when a theatre performance was taking place there, about a dozen Moroccans arrived.

The Moroccan mafia is said to circulate between European cities!

The Moroccan immigrants were armed with boxers, pepper sprays, clubs and machetes. They wanted to enter the club where the Algerian immigrant, who has been living in Slovenia for a long time, was hiding. On Saturday morning, the latter accused one of the representatives of the Moroccan mafia of causing discord. The group in question is said to be moving between different European capitals.

However, the Algerian man’s words upset the Moroccan so much that he returned to the club on Saturday with a machete, intending to physically confront the Algerian, who took refuge in the club’s hallway. The club management called the police, waited for 20 minutes, and then closed the club. On Saturday night, however, the situation continued. At 11.35 p.m., after a theatre performance by the Improvisation Theatre of Ljubljana (IGLU), when there were still about fifteen participants in the club, a larger group of Moroccans arrived in front of the club to confront the same Algerian.

Ljubljana is becoming the Middle East: an attempt to lynch an Algerian migrant

The latter hid in the club again, as there was a serious risk that he would be lynched. Illegal immigrants then threw stones and bottles at the club’s door and overturned rubbish bins outside the entrance. Due to the resulting situation, the club closed its doors and asked everyone present to clean up the glass. At 11.43 p.m., a call was made to the police to send an intervention unit as a matter of urgency, as someone could be killed at any moment. After ten minutes of banging on the door and attempting to break in, the attackers fled in the direction of the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum.

After an hour, the police were called again, and a bored policeman answered

After an hour of waiting for the police, they called again to say that there was still no intervention unit at the scene. The policeman on duty let it be known with his tone of voice that he was “getting a bit annoyed” by these calls. He said that the police were already on the ground and that they were chasing the illegal migrants.

An argument broke out between the two interlocutors, as the club insisted that the police should also come to the scene to investigate the matter properly, but there was no understanding on the other side, and the conversation ended (according to the club manager, Samo Ljubešić). The police confirmed the incident. They reported that all the persons in question had already dispersed upon its arrival. Police officers are investigating the identity of the three persons at this time.

We also asked the police about the matter, and they responded with the following: “We would like to clarify that on Saturday, shortly before midnight, we were informed about a fight between persons on Metelkova Street in Ljubljana. The first police officers were on the scene 5 minutes after the call was made, and several more officers were on the scene in the following minutes. As the persons had fled the scene and the officers had noticed them doing so, they first focused their activities on tracing the persons involved in the event reported by the caller.

The police officers identified three persons in the immediate area, who are still being investigated for their possible role in the incident, but who were not carrying any sharp objects. However, on the basis of the brief statements made by the complainants, witnesses and other participants, it was not possible to establish on the spot the actual circumstances of the incident and the persons actually involved or harmed. Nevertheless, the police are still continuing to establish the circumstances themselves in order to clarify what happened at the scene.

In this part of the city and in all other critical areas where security problems arise, public security is ensured either by constant reinforced surveillance or by a targeted presence of police officers through various forms of work (civilian patrols, patrols by mounted police officers, police dog handlers, etc.). More of this surveillance is carried out at night, at closing times of nightclubs and in locations where a larger number of people is expected.

These include bus stops, the Ljubljana bus and train station, the Ljubljana city centre and Tabor area, the area around the Vič asylum home, the Moste, Rudnik and Šiška shopping centres. We will continue with this work in the future and will always deploy a sufficient number of police officers to critical areas, both in terms of prevention and detection, as well as in dealing with any deviant phenomena. We are cooperating with other police administrations in this respect and are also making use of auxiliary police personnel.

However, it is important to remember that we can do a lot to keep ourselves safe and prevent crime, and if we become a victim, it is important to inform the police immediately. It is also important to inform the police immediately if you suspect that a crime may have been committed. This means involving everyone, for example, witnesses or anyone who may know something about these crimes, so that they can provide information. This will prevent or detect such crimes as far as possible and ensure that the perpetrators are dealt with appropriately.

We therefore want to take this opportunity to appeal to all victims and witnesses of possible criminal acts to immediately inform the police by calling the number 113, or calling the number for anonymous calls – 080 1200.”

Domen Mezeg

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